Monday, March 14, 2011

Crafty Me

Sarah Barber's Spring Madness kit from Owl Tree Studio screamed freestyle to me, so I created this colorful layout with my silly self-portraits. The fun font is Planet Benson.
This year has been particularly crafty, especially in the needlecrafts department.
I have found a way to channel my impatience with slower-than-me software, by taking a stitch or two in between.  The projects have to be simple so I can drop them (and not drop a stitch) quickly as soon as the too-slow programs, like opening a huge page in Photoshop, opening my mail, or other slow programs by other eCompanies that shall remain nameless.
In the course of just a few weeks I completed:
two knitted beanie hats (red one shown)
knitted hand warmers (shown)
3 knitted and crocheted tubed and knotted necklaces
a knitted club head cover for my 9-wood
a crocheted ruffled cowl (shown)
a crocheted ripple snood
 Crafty Me

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