Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I am still finding my way with Project 365 / Photo of the Day. I have managed to keep up with taking the photos, sorting and storing the photos, labeling the photos, and, I certainly am using the photos.
But how they are used or printed seems to still be somewhat random.

This is a somewhat random collection of flora and fauna photos I've taken in the last week.
The magnolia was that tree on the corner of Corbett down the street from Megan's apartment, the plum tree with the yellow stuff on it (I don't know what it is...lichen?) which is fascinatingly textured is one of the beautiful plum trees between the 12th and 13th holes. I call this plum tree alley. There are so many that the air is sweet with the scent of plum blossoms and when the breeze is blowing there is a shower of sweet-smelling petals.
And the tulips...these are the petals from the tulips Dziem gave to Megan on her birthday, which all fell off as I was bringing them into the kitchen for water.
Down in the little square is the pic I snapped of the bobcat getting ready for a nap on the 8th tee. The lacy background is an overlay I created from an extraction of the new lace I used for making curtains for the little square windows and the french doors upstairs.

Somehow I like how these bits and pieces go together, and tell a story.

TT 5 Pieces

It is the everyday bits and pieces that make up real life, from the giant magnolia petal in the
tree above, the golden lichen on the blooming plum blossom tree, the tulip petals that fell
from their stems as I brought the vase into the kitchen for more water, the bobcat sitting sleepily on the 8th tee, the lovely lace rolling off the bolt and becoming beautiful lacy curtains.
It is the color, the variety, the details that make up a day, a week, most of them forgotten, except by those who care enough to stop, look, listen, observe, and capture.
Prego by Maya de Groot Designs, Down This Road Merriment, Karla Dudley Digi Essentials brushes, brushes from Jessica Sprague Digi in Deeper.

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