Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebration Encore

Although things don't always go according to plans, it is still important to celebrate all life's little accomplishments.
Thus we ventured out into the rain the weekend before last to celebrate Megan's new job at Pottery Barn!  She picked one of her favorites...California Pizza Kitchen.

I created the layout as a speed scrap at Scrap Matters, thus there are green things in multiples of 3 and 5.  Truth be told, I reworked it a little bit after the speed scrap, including doing an extraction of Pottery Barn's title font.

Note to time, get the Sangria!

SS 317 Celebrate
Pretty in Green Wub Ewe
Bean Bunny Morning Dew
Maya de Groot Prego
Wild Web Designs You're a Star (alpha)
Dea Spina Film Strip Mania

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Template Tuesday Venice

Another Template Tuesday at Jessica  The vertical photos in the template made me think of long narrow shots.  One of these popped up on Tod's screen saver the other day and I exclaimed at what a beautiful photo it was (in the center).  It wasn't too hard to find two more vertical photos from Venice.

The squares on the bottom were perfect for a little accent photo - how I love that street light photo!  some journaling, and then, I wanted stripes in the 3rd box.

I did a quick search among my too-large paper stash, then abandoned that route in favor of!  Yup, easy to generate your own custom-colored stripe them create a pattern from the little resulting jpeg.  The part that took me the longest was finding a public domain silhouette of a gondola...finally found one at Open Clip Art library, and isn't it perfect??

TT9 Venice

A companion layout will be revealed on Friday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Operation Digi-Morph Revealed

For the past month or more, I have been participating in my first digi-morph challenge, sponsored by Design House Digital
What exactly is a digi-morph challenge? Well, one person starts it by finding a layout and scraplifting it, then passing it on to the next person, with a challenge. There were about 20 participants, so it took over a month.

When it was my turn, this is the layout I received from Kelli, with the challenge to do a monochromatic layout.

When I heard "monochromatic", I thought of two paper collections that I might use, and they were both Parisian (and both from Jen Allyson of DHD). So I next thought about the Paris photo or photos to use. Seeing the word "LOVE" spelled out in candy somehow made me think of that book store in the Marais, Mona Lisait (which means, Mona was reading or Mona read).  Finding the photo is always satisfying - it was actually from our trip to Paris and the Netherlands in April of 2008.
For the "lifting" part, I literal lifted the tear (from Tiffany Tillman, Tears Set 1) and repeated it (yes, that was tricky), and used her rectangle-with-circle-cutout shapes, adorned with kraft circles (Robin Meierotto's Kraft Party Elements).  For the monochromatic challenge, I turned the photo to sepia, then use a mask and eraser to reveal just the red of the letters.  This coloration blended beautifully with Jen Allyson's Vintage Findings Black & Cream papers and tag.  Note the extraction of the building balcony blended above the fold (love that!).  I added a couple of postmarks (Pixelbooking French Girl Bleu kit) and an "I Love Paris" from cajoline scraps.
I *LOVE* this layout and have been anxious to share it!

Digi Morph Mona
Oh, the challenge I gave?  Incorporate a play on words, and, in case that was too hard, use the color red.
The whole series of layouts and challenges can be found in the Design House Digital forum.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy Week in Review

Rain, rain go away! I think I may actually get to go out and play this week, as the forecast is for more normal almost-April weather. So sometimes we had to go out with coats and umbrellas this week, but we did at least get out, for some walks, but only 1 round of golf.

Although I have taken pictures every day for my Project 365 / Photo of the Day, this is the first time I have done a "weekly page". I have to admit, it was fun, and I now have this vague notion that I will go back and do the same for the previous 11 weeks.

Week 12 Snap Template
One of the things that made this fun and relatively easy was using Maya de Groot's Snap template and kit. She has four different weekly templates. Based on having mostly landscape photos, I chose the central vertical template option, then widened the photos (like I always do).

In the background are papers from Maya's Midsummer Night's Dream, because I wanted to focus on some green and bright orange from the photos,  and the cute and fun raindrops and puddle are from Maya's Design Star Round 1 entry at Scrap matters, because raindrops and puddles dominated my week!

Maya de Groot Design Star Rnd1

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Molly & Lily March 2011 Photobook

I made this photo book of Molly & Lily as a birthday present for Amy. 20 digital layouts! Many of these were made as homework assignments in my Jessica classes, but I had to make about 11 more in a hurry. I was thrilled that it actually arrived on time yesterday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Flora Part 4

In between the raindrops which are turning the hills green and helping the flowers to grow, we actually have gotten a few chances to go out and see the flowers growing.

The plum blossom branch pictures were actually taken in February, on the 17th hole, but the ice plant pictures were from about 2 weeks ago, taken on the Orvieto hillside.

I made this layout as a scraplift challenge at Scrap Matters, using the Design Star challenge kit Pink Passion from Designs by Marcie.  The branch flowers and petals in this kit were so perfect as complements to my pictures.  It will be fun to see all these March flora layouts printed together.

SM Rnd 4 Lift Flowers

Friday, March 25, 2011

All About March

March . . .comes after February . . .the month in which it snows and rains . . .the greenest month of the year.
But alas, not one of my favorites. Still, worthy of snapping and remembering.

This is the 2nd time this year that we've seen snow on the hills below Mt Hamilton.  This layout was done as a swatch challenge at Design House Digital.  I had the swatch open in Photoshop so I could match the colors.  Then I dragged it onto the layout to get the colors exact, and found I really liked it there, so there it stayed.  Did some fun things with masks and brushes here, and added a plume in the background.
Snow in March
Papers from Robyn Meierotto's Stormy Skies and Kraft Party, with Robyn's Kraft Wood Alpha. Also paper from Sara Schmutz Summer Picnic.  Hipster Plume from Anna Aspnes.

It's been a while since we've seen that California blue sky!  A couple more of my P365 pictures from the week, the one from the 17th hole was on Tuesday, the one day it didn't rain in the afternoon and so we were able to get out and play golf, then on Wednesday we walked down the Silver Creek hill to see the green, green other side of the hills.  This layout is for the Blueprint Challenge at Design House Digital.  To make the journaling pop, I used a low opacity watercolor brush behind the journaling, perfect to make it stand out but still blend with the background tree photo.
March DHD Blueprint
Template from Gennifer Bursett, papers and brushes from Jen Allyson's Vanity Fair.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Venice in Not So Basic Browns

I recently saw an oldish looking envelope on Tod's desk. Turns out it was loaded with ephemeral treasures! Photos and postcards from his grandfather Harry Weber's trip to Europe in 1930! 1930! You had to go to Europe by ship then. Imagine... Harry Weber traveled to London, Bruges, Rome and Venice, possibly Chamonix, as there is a picture of someone on the Mer de Glace, Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, and several places in Germany.
I asked Tod to scan all these so I could start playing with them, and this is the first effort.

I continue to look for opportunities to achieve multiple objectives with a single layout. This one uses a Jessica Sprague Template Tuesday challenge, along with papers and elements by Maya de Groot Designs - Not So Basic Browns and Midsummer Night's Dreams.
This picture of the Rialto Bridge in Venice struck me for several reasons:
- I knew we had a very similar picture taken on our trip to Venice in 2009
- the Rialto Bridge is a stunningly recognizable landmark
- Venice is one of the most special places I have traveled to
The background photo is one I created for a layout on Venice done previously, and also used it on Megan's Christmas calendar, but I love it, so I used it again.  The technique is pretty simple - turn the photo to sepia then use the 'find outlines' filter.

TT8 Venice
Papers from Not So Basic Browns by Maya de Groot Designs
Elements from Midsummer Night's Dreams by Maya de Groot Designs
Template is Scrap Canvas Vignette by The Queen of Quirk
Tags are from LIV Click Mini
Alpha is Authentic Artistry by Christina Renee.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gallery Standout

I have been honored with a Gallery Standout feature at Digital Design Den!
This is the layout I did for Simply Kelly with her 3-Photo Layered Template.

Interestingly enough, this was not one of my favorite layouts...the picture of Megan is a little silly...she's much prettier than that, especially when her eyes are fully open.
But I have to admit, the design is good :-)  Much of that is attributable to the template.  I really didn't alter it much at all, just used lots of stuff to make it interesting!

Credits again:
Simply Kelly Designs 3 Photo Template No. 1
Simply Kelly Designs Talk to Me
Simply Kelly Designs Celebrate
Simply Kelly A Formal Affair
Simply Kelly Love Birds
Stitching from Thalaris A Colorful Life

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simply Kelly Runner Girl Kit

I love the color power of Simply Kelly's new Runner Girl kit.  The pink really packs a punch!  And the hand-drawn imagery is simply adorable, creative and dynamic!  But what to do with it??  I used to run, but never ran races, and it's been a long time since I ran any distance.

I was going to do something pink with it, then Megan reminded me of her track photos.  We don't have a lot of photos on the computer from this period (hmmm, sounds like a big project in the making), but there were some track photos from 2001, when Megan was at Hyde Middle School, and was quite the distance runner.

Runner Girl #1 Megan

I actually dreamed about this design.  I was thinking of a zig-zag to convey action from top to bottom.  I sketched it with both straight and curvy lines, then when I sat down to Photoshop, the curvy arrow custom shape jumped into view.  I love the dynamic of this shape.  The background is 3 layers - the cool diagonal stripe, toned down with a pink paper and white mesh, pinned in place with pink brads.
The photos are masked into place with Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz, plus Anna's brushes, flares and loop-de-loops for more action.  Epoxy buttons, with a simple feathered cut from another paper behind the title, and the coolest digital clock and numbers, complete the layout.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Raining, Day #4

It is raining for the 4th day in a row. I have cabin fever. We were able to get out for a little while yesterday, with umbrellas, which turned out to be necessary.
The pool is full, the fountains are full, the birdbath is full, and not once, on the last 4 days, have I seen a rainbow, which would have helped.  Oh and did I mention it is cold??!

Yeah, I know, we need the rain, blah blah blah... but I will be glad when this late-winter storm front is OVER!

Meanwhile, there were some pretty rainbows last week.

Page created at a Design House Digital speed scrap, papers, frames and elements from DHD, overlay and flares from Anna Aspnes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Primavera by Maya de Groot Designs

I need a dose of spring after the 3rd day in a row of rain.  So it was time to play with Maya's Primavera kit. Searching through my recent pictures, I had the perfect ones...a couple of colorful pictures taken on the hill between 7 and 8 last week - I take a lot of pictures on this hill because it takes my mind off the pain of climbing the hill! The plum trees have finished blooming and are leafed out. The colorful and scentful yellow bush with the gray green leaves and the blue bush were all a contrast of subtle colors.

Maya's wonderful assortment of solid and patterned papers are perfect for collage.  This layout uses another of her unique templates, Maya de Groot Designs Template Set 4.

As complex as this may look, it is only 5 papers and 2 photos, with 3 elements - the forsythia branch, the bud branch, and the swirl.  Everything else was achieved with blending, masking and repetition, in the clever placement of the template and the additional template mat placed on the right side.
If I find the time I will decompose this layout to show how simple these techniques can be.

Spring Primavera

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digi in Deeper Finale

Got my haircut, took my picture in the mirror, and so I was ready for the "final exam" in Digi-in-Deeper. It was way easier than I expected, a tribute to how much I've learned!
My favorite part of the layout was selecting a stamp from the public domain Alice in Wonderland imagery...I chose the White Rabbit...and coloring it with watercolor brushes.

Lesson 12 Me Alice
Papers and elements from Jessica Sprague designers.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"All About" by Maya de Groot Designs

OK, scrapping obligations are heating up! So, time to get creative with my obligations, otherwise known as scrapping 3 things with 1, or 2, layouts!

Here are my objectives:
1) Participate in Jessica Sprague's Template Tuesdays (hey, I get points for this!)
2) Use Maya de Groot's kits, this one called "All About"
3) Make layouts with pictures of Molly and Lily for a special project
And here are my results:
This first layout does some fun things with the photos.  The top photo was pretty dark, taken on a cloudy day, so I not only lightened and sharpened it, but I put a blue overlay to funk up the color, and blended it with a mask.  Also brightened and sharpened the bottom photo, then made a copy from which I extracted the surfboard so it would extend beyond the borders of the photo.  
I also drew the sun!
Maya de Groot Designs
This is Jessica Sprague's Template Tuesday #7 by Amy Mallory.  Hipster plumes by Anna Aspnes.

I blended several papers and masks to create the background, and let the simple photo be the focus.  Love the felt alpha and tiny heart button!
Maya de Groot Designs
This is Jessica Sprague's Template Tuesday #6 by Reeta Treet.
Hipster plumes by Anna Aspnes.

Both of the above use Maya's fun All About kit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Las Vegas Road Trip

The second whimsical lesson and layout in my final week of Digi In Deeper was supposed to be about a road trip.  Well, I haven't taken many road trips, except to Kirkwood, and we usually don't take pictures along the way, although there was that one time we stopped at Ham's Station and I took my picture with the wooden bear out front, but I digress,  and I've kinda scrapped Kirkwood to death.

Megan reminded me that she took not one but two roadtrips last year, and I even managed to find a picture or two.  This was a really fun layout to do, and like the gnome layout, almost everything was constructed from scratch, even down to the plaid flag (which was supposed to be striped) on the back of the camper.  I love the stamps, colors and retro vibe of this layout.
Lesson 11 Road Trip

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whimsical = Gnomes

My Digi in Deeper class ended last week, but I have yet to take the final exam. It involves taking a self-portrait picture in the mirror, which I love to do, but I want to wait for my next haircut.

I did complete 2 out of the 3 layouts for the final week's lessons, which were all about whimsical. It's not my favorite style, far preferring graphic and grungy, freestyle and shabby chic, but I can do "cute", especially when it involves gnomes!

This may look a lot like layouts I did 6 months ago, but the difference is that now I create most of the shapes and elements myself instead of buying them and dragging them into place, such as the cute and whimsical flowers created via simple brushes.

I Love Gnomes

The added gnomish elements are from Kitschy Digitals Woodland Die Cuts kit.  Next up...Road Trip!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simply Kelly 3-Photo Template No. 1

A new template release from Simply Kelly Designs today!

Templates make scrapping very fast and easy. Simply plop in the photos, customize the paper layers, add embellishments, and then spend the next hour tweaking everything!

I created two different layouts with this template, or at least I thought so. The first features some of my Photos of the Day from a week ago when the rain was fresh on the new rose leaves.

SKD 3Photo Raindrops on Roses
In addition to the template, I used several more kits from Simply Kelly - A Formal Affair, The Power of Pixels, and Celebrate, with the lovely green and peach papers from Prego by Maya de Groot.  The raindrops are also from Maya, and the little flourish brush is from Mary Ann Wise at DHD.

For the next layout, I decided to feature some people photos, so I grabbed a couple more pics from Megan and my lunch at Noeteca the week before.

SKD 3Photo Megan at Noeteca
Again, several more kits from Simply Kelly - Talk to Me, Celebrate, A Formal Affair, and Love Birds, and stitching from Thalaris A Colorful Life.

As I look at the two of them, I realize I inadvertently did the same thing in both...polka dots and mesh and beads.  But, I liked everything once, and I liked it again!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crafty Me

Sarah Barber's Spring Madness kit from Owl Tree Studio screamed freestyle to me, so I created this colorful layout with my silly self-portraits. The fun font is Planet Benson.
This year has been particularly crafty, especially in the needlecrafts department.
I have found a way to channel my impatience with slower-than-me software, by taking a stitch or two in between.  The projects have to be simple so I can drop them (and not drop a stitch) quickly as soon as the too-slow programs, like opening a huge page in Photoshop, opening my mail, or other slow programs by other eCompanies that shall remain nameless.
In the course of just a few weeks I completed:
two knitted beanie hats (red one shown)
knitted hand warmers (shown)
3 knitted and crocheted tubed and knotted necklaces
a knitted club head cover for my 9-wood
a crocheted ruffled cowl (shown)
a crocheted ripple snood
 Crafty Me

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Flora Part 3

No story of March flora would be complete without a few daffodils. Another house on Arezzo Drive almost at the end, has several lovely patches of daffodils. These orange-trumpeted ones opened a little later than their sold yellow counterparts.

I used Maya de Groot Designs Template Set 4 and her kit Midsummer Night's Dream to collage my daffy pictures. The pictures I took of the deep red freesias on Arezzo were blurry, but I find blurry pics can be used as small highlights.

When it came time to journal this page, I knew I wanted to include a quote from Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Secret Gardin, where Colin finds the daffodil leaves poking through the soil. Finding the book on the bookshelf was easy. I thought about trying to find an online version so I could search it. But I just opened it, and there was the quote about the "daffydowndillys"!

Daffy T13

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Flora Part 2

California is not know for being a good area for growing bulb flowers. It might be the one thing I miss about the East Coast, that wondrous feeling when you see crocus leaves poking up through the snow and frozen ground.

Yes, we can do daffodils here, especially at higher elevations, but not so much tulips or other bulbs.

And so that's what makes this crocus sighting so special. There is a house on the corner of Arezzo Drive and Arezzo Way with a beautiful front garden. And the other day I spied a few crocus. Naturally, I had to get a picture. Luckily I carry a camera on my walks so I was able to get a macro shot.

I decided to "focus on the crocus" in this layout using the Stuck on You kit by Maya de Groot Designs.
Lots of background layers piled and blended with plenty of swirls and overlays gives this the collage effect I love.  I just read a tip the other day about jounaling over dark background areas of a photo - worked perfectly in this case.

Focus on Crocus 

Featuring  Stuck on You and Template Set 4 by Maya de Groot Designs.
Font is Freebooter from 

Friday, March 11, 2011

March Flora Part 1

I can't resist taking pictures of flowers, and so my layouts are dominated by flowers. I love the vivid color, the shading on petals, the contrast with green leaves. I get as close as I can, and sometimes I actually get a good picture.

This first was done as part of the Design Star challenge at Scrap Matters. The cute template from geniaBeana had daisy-like flowers on it, simply meant to represent placement for elements. But the flowers were perfectly shaped to complement my pictures, so I colored them to match, and love how this all flows together. The pictures were taken with my cell phone on Corbett Ave.

SM Rnd 3 Flowers
Credits: Prego by Maya de Groot Designs, Down This Road Merriment.
Pink paper was from Round 1 Design Star 71 at Scrap Matters.

The poppies have started to appear! And while we don't really call them coquelicots here, and while what the French refer to as coquelicots are the red poppies, I love the word, and so it is. I took these photos on a hillside of Country Club Drive during a walk this week, but only one of them was not blurry. But I was able to extract the blurry photos and use them as elements in the cluster.
This was done as a speed scrap at Scrap Matters.

SS 314 Coquelicots
Credits: Bean Bunny Designs Morning Dew and Scrap in a Can papers and elements, stitches from Prego by Maya de Groot Designs.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I am still finding my way with Project 365 / Photo of the Day. I have managed to keep up with taking the photos, sorting and storing the photos, labeling the photos, and, I certainly am using the photos.
But how they are used or printed seems to still be somewhat random.

This is a somewhat random collection of flora and fauna photos I've taken in the last week.
The magnolia was that tree on the corner of Corbett down the street from Megan's apartment, the plum tree with the yellow stuff on it (I don't know what it is...lichen?) which is fascinatingly textured is one of the beautiful plum trees between the 12th and 13th holes. I call this plum tree alley. There are so many that the air is sweet with the scent of plum blossoms and when the breeze is blowing there is a shower of sweet-smelling petals.
And the tulips...these are the petals from the tulips Dziem gave to Megan on her birthday, which all fell off as I was bringing them into the kitchen for water.
Down in the little square is the pic I snapped of the bobcat getting ready for a nap on the 8th tee. The lacy background is an overlay I created from an extraction of the new lace I used for making curtains for the little square windows and the french doors upstairs.

Somehow I like how these bits and pieces go together, and tell a story.

TT 5 Pieces

It is the everyday bits and pieces that make up real life, from the giant magnolia petal in the
tree above, the golden lichen on the blooming plum blossom tree, the tulip petals that fell
from their stems as I brought the vase into the kitchen for more water, the bobcat sitting sleepily on the 8th tee, the lovely lace rolling off the bolt and becoming beautiful lacy curtains.
It is the color, the variety, the details that make up a day, a week, most of them forgotten, except by those who care enough to stop, look, listen, observe, and capture.
Prego by Maya de Groot Designs, Down This Road Merriment, Karla Dudley Digi Essentials brushes, brushes from Jessica Sprague Digi in Deeper.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simply Kelly Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles, so I was excited when Kelly told us she was working on puzzle templates. They are no disappointment! 
Photoshop actually comes with a custom shape that is a puzzle piece, so I tried to do something with it once, but didn't get very far. That's why Kelly is the designer and I am the Creative Team member :-)

Here is the new release:
Simply Kelly Puzzles Preview

The first of my layouts uses some POTD/P365 photos I took on Feb 26. We had gone to Chipotle for dinner using the BOGO coupon from Facebook, then went to Bev Mo to buy Beaujolais for Megan's birthday party. It was that stormy period at the end of February, but the clouds were incredibly beautiful, lit up by the setting sun.
And although the picture of the street light from our neighborhood was taken at a different time, I liked the whole orange thing going on.

Puzzle Template Clouds
Simply Kelly 4x6 Puzzle Template
Background Paper, Overlays and Swirls - Simply Kelly A Formal Affair
Photo Template and Strips - Simply Kelly Rounded 12x12
Font - Chicago House, Baveuse

For this next one I dug into the archives for some favorite photos from Kirkwood. I blended four different photos, letting the puzzle pieces show through in places.
I get lots of positive comments about my blending. Perhaps one day I'll do a little tutorial on it, because it is one of the first things I ever learned, and very easy to do.

Puzzle Template Kirkwood
Simply Kelly 12x12 Puzzle Template
Overlay - Simply Kelly A Formal Affair (set to Multiply blending mode)
Alpha - Simply Kelly Busy Bee Epoxy Alphabet
Brushes - Mary Ann Wise Essence, Laurie Ann Wildflowers
Font - Jane Austen, Cafisch Script Pro

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Too Shabby

Last week I finished up "shabby" week in my Digi in Deeper class.
You know me, chameleon...I like it wherever I am, and I like whatever I am doing, for the most part.

And so I LOVE these shabby layouts, especially this first one.  How beautiful is this?? I did this!  It looks like a painting, n'est-ce-que pas?? 
I masked and blended and erased and blended some more, extracted, extracted, extracted, stamped, and the only thing that could make it more perfect would be some sand and shells.  
Perhaps I'll redo it some day.

Lesson 8 Shabby Beach

But for now, got to move on, to this next and final shabby layout. I decided to make them a 2-page spread, so I repeated a lot of the elements from one page to the next.

Lesson 9 Shabby Maui

All the pictures are from our 2009 pre-Christmas trip to Maui, all taken on the beach at the Maui El Dorado.

Monday, March 7, 2011

One More Birthday, Hopefully Not Late

Mod Peony Green 5x7 folded card
Shutterfly custom cards for Valentines Day, Easter and Mother's Day.
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last of the Birthday Layouts

The first birthday of the year, but the last to be scrapped, are these pictures from Tod's birthday, celebrated in front of the computer screen with a Skype call going on, so Mary Jane and Ron could join in the tele-celebration.

I used these to do my Digi In Deeper Lesson 7, the first of the shabby-style lessons.

Happy Birthday Tod

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Treasure Hunting San Francisco

It was a good hunting day yesterday. As I was driving up Clipper St to pick up Megan for lunch, I spied an antique store on the corner of Clipper and Church (too bad I didn't remember that the cross street was Church, but no matter, we found it), and there in front was a metal plant stand. I have been wanting a plant stand for in front of the dining room window, and there it was!
And here it is, just waiting to be all loaded up.
Tod likes it because the plants are in a little cage and can't fall out or off like one African Violet casualty did last weekend, bumped by we-won't-say-who's butt. Oh I love you little antique treasure!
Plant Stand

Then we went off to lunch at Noeteca. We knew this was a treasure, but now we know it even more!
This time we sampled the Caprese salad and the croque Josephine, with a giant mug of thick soy latte with foam that could stand up a spoon! We used the 2nd, and last, Groupon.
Template is Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Page 17.

Off for a walk in the neighborhood after lunch, we came upon Guerrero Park, a little slice of urban renewal with benches, hollowed out trees planted with low maintenance plants and succulents, and odds and ends.
Guerrero Park

Papers and elements in both layouts are from Garden Lover by Joey Lynn Designs at Owl Tree Studio.