Friday, February 4, 2011

My Take on the Superbowl

It is no secret in my house that I sincerely dislike football. And I do not consider that the least un-American. Love baseball, love golf (OK, not really an American-originated sport,), can even tolerate hockey (hmmm, canadian), but just can't tolerate football.

Tod is good enough to usually spare me the sight or sound of football in the house.

To add insult to injury, often my birthday and superbowl weekend coincide.

This year, I have a fun diversion, in the way of several superbowl challenges at Design House Digital. There is a great prize that I really want, so I an trying to participate as much as I can in the hopes of winning the grand prize. And even if I don't, these challenges are fun!

One of the first challenges I decided to tackle was to use one of the superbowl team logos in a layout. I have to admit I never noticed this steelers logo before, but I quite like the shapes and colors in it, which are just like eBay's primary colors, reflected in the fountain that's in the courtyard outside my building.

I executed a successful extracting with the magic wand tool to get the part of the logo I wanted.  I also successfully did a selective recoloring of the argyle paper to match the colors.

DHD Logo Fountain

Template - Tiffany Tillman Storyteller
B/G Paper - Gen Bursett Fall Argyle Stripe (recolored)
Mask - Tiffany Tillman Artistic Photo Mask
Red Paper - Karen Funk Shabby Valentine
Frames - Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames
Overlay - Mary Ann Wise Painted Overlay

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