Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freestyle Twilight

We often get started a little late on our walks about the neighborhood, and so get to witness the sunsets and twilight during which the neighborhood street lamps start to glow their lovely orange color on their way to that amber glow of San Jose.
I've taken too many pictures of these lamps, then not known what to do with them. But they're so pretty! especially as they start to warm up. And not only the color but the lovely form of these lamps. I like that someone thought to put pretty street lights in the neighborhood instead of ugly steel arches.

Finally I got to use a few street light photos in this freestyle layout as part of Digi In Deeper (I am not sure what lesson we are on since class was delayed, but it looks like this is my 3rd freestyle layout. I really like this style but don't find it as natural as graphic and grungy).

The small photos have color and texture overlays to soften and "mystify" them. The large floral graphic was extracted and a very cool gradient applied to color it. The title is selectively colored, textured, then duplicated and opacity faded.
Twilight Lights
Besides the class materials, all other elements are from Christina Renee Color Theory Gold.

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