Saturday, February 5, 2011

Continuing Superbowl Challenges

The very first, and easiest, Design House Digital Superbowl challenge for me was the "sports interview" challenge. Our fabulous experiences at FIL Ron's Hockey Hall of Fame induction last November gave me plenty of pictures and inspiration.

Here are two takes on a "sports interview", the first at the luncheon where the Foster Hewitt Award was presented, and the second from the tour at the Hockey Hall of Fame building in Toronto. The background photo is a gorgeous stained glass dome in the HH of F building (old bank) in Toronto.

DHD Sport Ron

Template - Tiffany Tillman Storyteller Set 2
Blue Paper - Sara Schmutz School Is In
Red Paper - Karen Funk Shabby Valentine
Background Paper - Jen Allyson Vintage Findings
Staples - Karla Dudley Digi Essentials
Frames - Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames (recolored), Sara Schmutz Grunge Frames
Overlay - Mary Ann Wise Painted Overlays
mask - my original

DHD Sport Challenge

B/G paper is Karen Funk Shabby Valentine. I wanted a striped paper for this layout so I created it from the red and black polka dot from Karen Funk Shabby Valentine, + a blue paper from Sara Schmutz School Is In. The elements I created from either personal photos or clip art, template is original and frame is original (brush clipped with my created stripe paper).

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  1. You've always got something fun going on Diane! Enjoy the superbowl tomorrow!