Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - New Kit from Simply Kelly

We are celebration-heavy at this time of year.
Christmas, then our wedding anniversary on Jan 18th, a week later is Tod's birthday, 10 days later is my birthday, then comes Valentine's Day, and coming up soon, sorta, is Megan's birthday (no leap year this year, so we'll have to celebrate on the 28th).

But, what perfect timing is this new birthday kit from Simply Kelly Designs!!

I started with the obvious, making a couple of birthday layouts.  I've been wanting to do something with the pictures from Tod's birthday.  I LOVE the felty balloons and the number overlay, to which I added some texture and embossing.  And how cool is that candle border?!
Additional credits - FunFoto star mask from Green Eyed Lady.

This pic is from my birthday brunch in front of the lovely Noeteca wine bar in Noe Valley.  More cool balloons, the number overlay again, ric rac!!, and some extracted polka dots from one of the papers in the kit (remember, the multiply blending mode makes white disappear).
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic PhotoBlenz and Artplay Palette Barren Sunrise, journal tag and gem from Simply Kelly A Formal Affair.

Then I finally got to scrap this picture I took in San Francisco, in Noe Valley on the way to Noeteca. 
I loved this green door with the plum blossom tree hanging in front.  There are these uber-cool mesh papers in the kit, and how I love these colors! 
Additional credits - Simply Kelly A Formal Affair (journal tag), Jen Allyson Vanity Fair (branch brushes), Anna Aspnes pearly brads.

Once I did the green door page, the old series concept came back to me. While I have worked in series in quilts and ATCs and tags, and while I have done scrapbook spreads, this is the first time I've done series work in digital art.  I took this picture of some random building on the way from Noe Valley to North Beach while waiting at a traffic light.  I just loved the color, and look how beautifully it goes with the herringbone paper from the kit.  I recolored one of the balloons to match.
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz , ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise, and Something Springy,  Simply Kelly A Formal Affair.

Once I got going, there was only time in the day to stop me.  Oh I am in LOVE with this page!  This was just a random picture of some randomly beautiful houses on Telegraph Hill on the way up to Coit Tower.  I used several papers and those wonderful meshes from the kit, along with another balloon, and blended and brushed to my hearts content!
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz , ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise, and Something Springy.

Phew, what a wonderful burst of creativity has come out of this kit!

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