Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Megan

Once one learns about the secrets housed in Photoshop, can one ever just post an untouched photo? It's hard when you know that a few keystrokes can bump up the color, the contrast, fix background errors, and make up for bad, or lack of, photography skills.

I think I captured a great picture of Tod presenting Megan with her custom "2 3" birthday cake, but fixed all the flaws, and, practiced my graphic and grungy style ( I think, finally, I understand the double-filled masked brush technique).

Megan's Birthday 1
Materials from Jessica Sprague Digi in Deeper Lesson 1.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Tags

Back in December when I took the 12 Tags of Christmas class at Memories Live On, I decided I needed more tags to play with, so bought the convenient 100-pack.
So I have tags to play with!
I used about a dozen to make Valentine Tags, but still have quite a few.

How about Birthday Banner tags??

This was really fun to make for Megan's birthday party this weekend.
I started by creating backgrounds with various inking and misting techniques, then added stamping and embossing, then painted on the letters, added some stickle and glitter sparkle. Probably the most fun part was then gluing on bits of stuff - ribbons and buttons and found objects. I didn't get carried away with this because I didn't want any of the tags to be too heavy.

Finally, ribbons, grommets and some cotton yarn to hold them all together.

Happy Birthday Banner

I simply pinned it to the dining room drapes (unfortunately did not get a good picture of this) and it added quite a crafty and festive touch!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perfectly Pink Practice Makes Perfect

As with any learning, it is practice that reinforces the learning and enables "fluency" (quelque chose que, malheuresement, je n'ai pas faire avec mon francais.
Mais, c'est un peu plus facile avec Photoshop, parce que tous que on a besoin sont les photos! Beaucoup des photos!
Alors, aujourd'hui j'ai fait pas un, pas deux, mais cinq pages des scrapbook, trois en rose.

OK, back to english for the more technical details. Practicing my freestyle, graphic and grungy lessons in several layouts, and for some reason I am a bit stuck on pink at the moment.

This first was done as a speed scrap at Scrap Matters, using some of my P365 photos of my primroses covered in raindrops.

SS 309 Primroses
Papers and elements from Scrap Matters Design Stars 42 and 71, Alphas - Christina Renee Plain Ole Epoxy, Digitreats Silly Alpha, Mask - Hipster Plum by Anna Aspnes,
Leaves - Nanly Freebie, Flowers - Thalaris A Colorful Life

This next one was also done at a speed scrap at Scrap Matters (I LOVE speed scraps!).  This time, creating a text path and alternating the font colors was a piece of cake!
SS 310 Pink
Most papers and elements are from Karen Funk Paradise Punch, the alpha from Karen Funk Remember When (recolored), Anna Aspnes Hipster Plumes, Green Eyed Lady FunFoto Masks, ribbons from cajoline (freeby) and Shabby Princess (freebie).

And finally, to really play with freestyle, I went all out kitschy and pink for a Tuesday Template challenge at Jessica Sprague.  Note the cross-processed photo, the polar stripe, the text path!
TT2 Hair Queen
Tuesday Template #1 from Jessica Sprague, Wilma Squared Shabby Chic papers, elements and alpha, Jen Allyson Paris Papers, Cajoline Love Paris elements, Kitschy Digitals Grandma's Attic flowers.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Freestyle Paris

The last of the freestyle lessons, but hopefully not the last time I use this style and the oh-so-many techniques in play here.

I have to admit I am pretty happy with this layout, well, why not, it's about people I love, a place I love, there is red in it, it's cluttered yet somehow clean.
Probably the hardest part was making the skyline of Paris, and to get the proportions of the composition right, I had to stretch Sacre Coeur.  Forgive me, Paris, it was for a good cause.
Looking back at where I started with Photoshop and digital scrapbooking, it's hard to believe I can make most things myself now.  Striped starburst paper?  Piece of cake.  Stamped fleur-de-lis in a line...trivial.  Warped text...flip of a button.  Cross-processed photos...well, still need to work on that.
Oh and the memories captured...yes, priceless!

Paris Urban Lesson 6

Embellishments - Royanna French Flea Market, cajoline Love Paris, Echo Park Be Mine, Pixelbooking French Girl Blue

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freestyle Twilight

We often get started a little late on our walks about the neighborhood, and so get to witness the sunsets and twilight during which the neighborhood street lamps start to glow their lovely orange color on their way to that amber glow of San Jose.
I've taken too many pictures of these lamps, then not known what to do with them. But they're so pretty! especially as they start to warm up. And not only the color but the lovely form of these lamps. I like that someone thought to put pretty street lights in the neighborhood instead of ugly steel arches.

Finally I got to use a few street light photos in this freestyle layout as part of Digi In Deeper (I am not sure what lesson we are on since class was delayed, but it looks like this is my 3rd freestyle layout. I really like this style but don't find it as natural as graphic and grungy).

The small photos have color and texture overlays to soften and "mystify" them. The large floral graphic was extracted and a very cool gradient applied to color it. The title is selectively colored, textured, then duplicated and opacity faded.
Twilight Lights
Besides the class materials, all other elements are from Christina Renee Color Theory Gold.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - New Kit from Simply Kelly

We are celebration-heavy at this time of year.
Christmas, then our wedding anniversary on Jan 18th, a week later is Tod's birthday, 10 days later is my birthday, then comes Valentine's Day, and coming up soon, sorta, is Megan's birthday (no leap year this year, so we'll have to celebrate on the 28th).

But, what perfect timing is this new birthday kit from Simply Kelly Designs!!

I started with the obvious, making a couple of birthday layouts.  I've been wanting to do something with the pictures from Tod's birthday.  I LOVE the felty balloons and the number overlay, to which I added some texture and embossing.  And how cool is that candle border?!
Additional credits - FunFoto star mask from Green Eyed Lady.

This pic is from my birthday brunch in front of the lovely Noeteca wine bar in Noe Valley.  More cool balloons, the number overlay again, ric rac!!, and some extracted polka dots from one of the papers in the kit (remember, the multiply blending mode makes white disappear).
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic PhotoBlenz and Artplay Palette Barren Sunrise, journal tag and gem from Simply Kelly A Formal Affair.

Then I finally got to scrap this picture I took in San Francisco, in Noe Valley on the way to Noeteca. 
I loved this green door with the plum blossom tree hanging in front.  There are these uber-cool mesh papers in the kit, and how I love these colors! 
Additional credits - Simply Kelly A Formal Affair (journal tag), Jen Allyson Vanity Fair (branch brushes), Anna Aspnes pearly brads.

Once I did the green door page, the old series concept came back to me. While I have worked in series in quilts and ATCs and tags, and while I have done scrapbook spreads, this is the first time I've done series work in digital art.  I took this picture of some random building on the way from Noe Valley to North Beach while waiting at a traffic light.  I just loved the color, and look how beautifully it goes with the herringbone paper from the kit.  I recolored one of the balloons to match.
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz , ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise, and Something Springy,  Simply Kelly A Formal Affair.

Once I got going, there was only time in the day to stop me.  Oh I am in LOVE with this page!  This was just a random picture of some randomly beautiful houses on Telegraph Hill on the way up to Coit Tower.  I used several papers and those wonderful meshes from the kit, along with another balloon, and blended and brushed to my hearts content!
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz , ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise, and Something Springy.

Phew, what a wonderful burst of creativity has come out of this kit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Brake for Hearts

This is an old story, but a new way to present it.
One of the challenges this month from Design House Digital was to take a picture of a heart found in an unexpected place. This picture of the heart I found in the quartz rock I picked up while hiking at Kirkwood was perfect! But how to find the picture?? Which year, which trip, which hike, well, I remember it was fall...
Blog and Photobucket to the rescue.

DHD Journaling Heart Rock

Papers are Jen Allyson's Vintage Findings Black and Cream (gorgeous papers!). Mask and brushes from Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz. Word art from Tiffany Tillman.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Plum Blossom Season

The plum blossoms have peaked and are even falling to the ground now, in a fluttery pink snow that smells lovely and pink and plummy. I can't get enough of these lovely trees, which are planted in abundance at Silver Creek.
Lots of plum tree pictures means they make their way into scrapbook pages, especially when I need pics for challenges.

Here are two challenges from Design House Digital featuring plum blossoms.

This first is a redo of a speed scrap wasn't quite froo froo enough for my tastes, so I added some stamping and brushwork and a fancy font.

Plum Blossom Inspiration
Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames, Jen Allyson Vanity Fair b/g paper, with Carina Gardner Blog Hop paper as an overlay, Kate Teague and Celeste Knight tape. Ric Rac is from Nanly, with Anna Aspnes staples, Rhinestones are from Simply Kelly A Formal Affair, brushes are the DigiEssentials and Vanity Fair, word strips are dede smith Blessings, hearts - JillDesignz.

This next page was quite a difficult challenge, to extract and selectively recolor. I had to refer to my Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday lesson on selective recoloring to get this to work out, but the magic wand was my friend this time, and I love the outcome!

This was also a foray into a style that I would love to make my own.
Anna Aspnes is a digital designer whose products always make me drool...such wonderful collage-like messiness. I have admired for some time, and finally broke down a bought a few products - templates, masks, blender brushes, magic flares. I was a little intimidated, but have to admit, it was oh so easy to use her templates and achieve this wonderful look!

Plum Blossom Technique

Template and elements are from Anna Aspnes Magic PhotoBlenz and Something Springy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Dinner Redux

Two weeks ago today, we were walking about in North Beach in shirt sleeves and shorts, celebrating my birthday. A week ago today, we were playing golf in shirt sleeves and shorts. Then, winter returned. Here is the evidence for the week, nearly 4" of rain.

Mickey Rain Gauge Feb 20

So it was a bad week for exercise and golf, but a good week for scrapping. I got all the challenges done for Design House Digital. This one was the blueprint challenge.
The challenge was to use round, rhinestone, ric rac and red.

DHD Blueprint Birthday Dinner

Most papers and elements from Karen Funk Shabby Valentine, with Jen Allyson Alpha News, ric rac by Angie Young, Karla Dudley Clockworqs, Simply Kelly A Formal Affair Rhinestones.
I made the heart cluster with shapes overlaid with text, including Jen Allyson's Vintage Findings papers.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scraplift Challenge of Molly & Lily

Amy posted some new pictures of Molly and Lily this week, perfect to use for one of the challenges at Design House Digital.

Facebook has a new feature where pictures can be downloaded at full resolution, which saves me the trouble of digitally enhancing them in Photoshop.

The original layout I scraplifted was very simple, but I liked the cutout frame (this was tricky to is easy, but getting the second one lined up was not easy, as I am not very good at controlling the elliptical marquis tool. As I am writing this, I feel pretty silly for not using a fixed size circle to cut out the semi-circles. Oh well, still learning!)

Anyway, neutral colors, a single photo off to the side. Did the clustering myself, something else I am not very good at.
I must say a layout like this really helps to focus on the photo.
How cute are they??

Molly Lily Scraplift

Beautiful collection of neutral papers and elements is Robin Meierotto Kraft Party, supplemented with Jen Allyson's Vanity Fair Aubergine paper and frame.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Freestylin' Natalie

There is a slight delay in my Digi in Deeper class, which gives me a little extra time to practice the techniques of masking and brushing and demasking in a messy freestyle way.  Oh and the pen tool...I did it, I made a text path all by myself !

Megan took this picture of Natalie on her trip to NY last week. It's perfect!
The top right picture looks so much like Robert it's uncanny.

Natalie Got Milk

Supplies from Jessica Sprague Digi In Deeper class.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freestyle Scrappin'

It is week 2 of my advanced Photoshop digital scrapbooking class, Digi in Deeper, and this week we are focusing on the freestyle graphic style.

This is fun fun fun !

My first attempt probably looks a little proscribed, but it's a start! There are so many blendings, masks, halftones and photo editing here, making it have almost nothing to do with reality, but I love the colors, the mess, the action! And finally, I got the text path right! Perhaps me and my pen tool can become friends now!

Freestyle Nature

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Words hardly necessary, this is a picture of the lovely pink tulips I received for Valentine's Day.  It was my Photo of the Day (POTD) and the perfect single photo for a speed scrap at Scrap Matters.
Maybe I can do simple layouts?

Valentines Tulips

Most papers and elements from Willow Grace Cupids Arrow, mask by Zuzzamask, date brush is Karla Dudley Crush.
Crossword Word Art is from Karen Funk Shabby Valentine.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wrapping Up Graphic & Grungy

I've completed the first week of my Digi in Deeper class, where the emphasis was on the graphic and grungy style. I LOVE this style and am so proud of the layouts made this week. I think they look really cool as a body of work.

SpringLesson 1 North Beach

Cherry BlossomsOwls

Coit TowerLily & Molly Snow

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Give a Hoot Encore

It has become a thing to look forward to, to try to find the owls in the tree when we cross from the 4th green to the 5th tee. So far so good, they have been there every day. Whooo knows how long they were there before they hooted and we noticed.

And so the hooty owls were the subject of another of my home work assignments this week in my Digi in Deeper class at Jessica Sprague.

In addition to the lesson supplies, I made an owl brush from an element from Shabby Princess, and used more of the branch brushes from Jen Allyson Vanity Fair.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speed Scrap Saturday

Yup, it is Saturday, and there are speed scraps to be had. But with a busy day I couldn't make the one during the day, but did manage one in the evening, at Design House Digital.

The speed scraps at Design House Digital tend to be pretty hard, and this one was the hardest one I have encountered. I just couldn't keep up, and even thought about closing Photoshop, without saving, and going off to watch a movie.

But, all turned out OK in the end, and with a little post speed scrap tweaking, I am actually happy with the results.

Speed Scrap Plum Blossoms

Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames
Jen Allyson Vanity Fair b/g paper, with Carina Gardner Blog Hop paper as an overlay, Kate Teague and Celeste Knight tape
Ric Rac is from Nanly, with Anna Aspnes staples, Rhinestones are from Simply Kelly A Formal Affair, brushes are the DigiEssentials and Vanity Fair, word strips are dede smith Blessings, hearts - JillDesignz

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coit Tower

How long have I lived here, how many times have I seen this tower, but never before have I been there, standing at the base, looking up into a sky so blue it hurts, looking out at the city and bay so beautiful I could cry.
But there were no tears this day, not even tears of was all too perfect.

Coit Tower

I am continuing to practice the skills learned in the first week of my Digi in Deeper class. I still need to refer to the notes constantly to remember how to do this combo brush-mask-brush grunge technique. A couple more times and I may have it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

A gorgeous sprig of double cherry blossoms against a vibrant blue sky, captured on Lombard Street last Sunday as we were on our way to North Beach and the Coit Tower, and used as the subject of some Digi in Deeper practice on grungy graphic design.

Cherry Blossoms

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Digi in Deeper

This week I started my next advanced Photoshop class, Digi In Deeper.
The learning has progressed from the first, to this my 3rd and current class, exponentially, and overall have to say these classes at Jessica Sprague are quite a bargain.

While I struggled a bit to keep up with the tasks in the first lesson and certainly have not yet committed them to memory, I am really happy with the result.

These are pictures from my birthday weekend in San Francisco. The idea here is to learn and practice the graphic and grungy style, which I love! There is all sorts of mask and brush work going on here to achieve this look. Also photo editing to punch up contrast (and I thought I would give us an early start on our tans).

Lesson 1 North Beach

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Super Layouts

So the Superbowl has come and gone with nary a notice from me, except for the Superbowl Challenge at Design House Digital. I really wanted the grand prize, a Wacom Tablet. I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win a $5 gift certificate .
All it took was about a dozen layouts.

But with each one I learn a little more, get to play a little more, get to do something creative, get to preserve a memory or capture a feeling or a moment, and keep working on that legacy preservation.

Here are the rest of the layouts I did for the Superbowl challenge.
This first is one of my favorites. I took the picture with my phone just outside the Cafe courtyard at eBay, where the magnolias are blossoming gorgeously.
DHD VS Challenge
Tiffany Tillman Scrappable Template 16, Background - Robyn Meierotto Fall Blog Hop Dots,
Mary Ann Wise Spring Blossoms, Jen Allyson Vanity Squares, Karen Funk Simply Boyish overlay, and Tiffany Tillman Artistic Masks. Karla Dudley - Clockworqs, DigiEssentials butteryfly, Crush Brush
Jan Allyson Vintage Findings Paris and Orange Sunshine papers, Karen Funk Remember When alpha, Font is One Fell Swoop.

Next, my somewhat literal interpretation of a Sports Idiom.
DHD Idiom Challenge
Template is Tiffany Tillman Storyteller, mask is Tiffany Tillman Artistic Masks, B/G paper, & flag - Jen Allyson Notions Blue, Frames - Karen Funk Color My World, journal tag & brushes - Jen Allyson Vanity Fair, Flower is Mary Ann Wise Delightful Felt Flower, font is Alfredo Heavy Hollow, golf balls cluster and golf ball brads I made myself :-)

Another P365 photo, and perhaps not the best, but it will always help me to remember spotting the two owls in the eucalyptus trees between the 4th and 5th holes. I'm going to remove the steelers vs packers title when I print this.
DHD Talking Owls
Background paper and brushes are Jen Allyson's Vanity Fair, with additional brushed from Karla Dudley DidiEssentials.

I returned to some awesome and funny pictures of Natalie for these next two.
DHD Team Colors Natalit
The green and gold papers and elements are from Carina Gardner's Paisley kit. Also Deena Rutter Happier Paper. This started from the Audrey Neal 123 Template, then modified. I made the peace signs (best I could Smile).
Oh and Karen Funk Color My World frame is under the Carina Gardner Paisley frame.

DHD Logo Natalie
Audrey Neal 123 Template. Papers: Deena Rutter Happier b/g papers, Audrey Neal Game Night , Sara Schmutz Autumn Kitchen , Frame - Karen Funk Color My World, Ribbon - Kate Teague Blog Hop, Flags - Jen Allyson Notions Blue, fonts - Pea Jay and Baveuse.

Started grabbing at straws for some of these, but I do like these pics, the first from Venice, the one of Megan taken in someone's closet, and the 3rd from that trip to the mall for ear piercing.
DHD Idion Hat trick
Modification of the Audrey Neal 123 Template. Everything else from Karen Funk Shabby Valentine.

This next one uses one of my P365 photos, the first daffodil spotted this year, on Arezzo Drive.
DHD Colors Daffodil
Background paper is Karen Funk Shabby Valentine, with Carina Gardner Paisley papers, Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames and Essence Brushes. Template is Tiffany Tillman Storyteller.

Ever since I saw this challenge, I've been thinking "Very Special",
so that's how I've interpreted it here :-).
DHD Very Special
Everything from Karen Funk's Shabby Valentine except frames from Audrey Neal's Spring Fever.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

. . . that someone got her first birdie today!

I love Monday golf. Since the course is closed, it is quieter than usual. Since we are having this incredible weather, I can play in shorts and a T-shirt.

And since I have been blessed with relatively good health for the past several days, I am hitting the golf ball like a maniac.

Twelfth hole is a long par 3 for me...148 yards, but down hill. I hit a perfect drive, right at the flag, about 140, it hit in front of the green, little bounce, and rolled to within 10 feet. Ten feet sounds like a long putt, but it was straight and slightly uphill.

Sunk the putt... got to write a "2" on the card!

And I get to commemorate it all in a fun little layout.  Which also makes me realize how cool digital scrapbooking is, that it's a chance to tell a story, in pictures and words, and capture the memories as they are happening!

Feb 7 Birdie

All the "birdie" stuff is from Jen Allyson's Notions Blue kit from DHD.  Green paper is Audrey Neal's Game Night Papers.  Mask is from Green Eyed Lady.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Created for the Design House Digital Superbowl Ad challenge:

DHD Superbowl Menu

A tongue in cheek interpretation of the resist the junk food, chips and beer commercials, be prepared! Everything is from Sara Schmutz Autumn Kitchen. I added the brush work and made the "no" signs. I scraplifted the design from a cute Kate Teague Gatherings quick page.

Oh and often my birthday is on the same day as the superbowl...I will not be watching.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Continuing Superbowl Challenges

The very first, and easiest, Design House Digital Superbowl challenge for me was the "sports interview" challenge. Our fabulous experiences at FIL Ron's Hockey Hall of Fame induction last November gave me plenty of pictures and inspiration.

Here are two takes on a "sports interview", the first at the luncheon where the Foster Hewitt Award was presented, and the second from the tour at the Hockey Hall of Fame building in Toronto. The background photo is a gorgeous stained glass dome in the HH of F building (old bank) in Toronto.

DHD Sport Ron

Template - Tiffany Tillman Storyteller Set 2
Blue Paper - Sara Schmutz School Is In
Red Paper - Karen Funk Shabby Valentine
Background Paper - Jen Allyson Vintage Findings
Staples - Karla Dudley Digi Essentials
Frames - Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames (recolored), Sara Schmutz Grunge Frames
Overlay - Mary Ann Wise Painted Overlays
mask - my original

DHD Sport Challenge

B/G paper is Karen Funk Shabby Valentine. I wanted a striped paper for this layout so I created it from the red and black polka dot from Karen Funk Shabby Valentine, + a blue paper from Sara Schmutz School Is In. The elements I created from either personal photos or clip art, template is original and frame is original (brush clipped with my created stripe paper).

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Take on the Superbowl

It is no secret in my house that I sincerely dislike football. And I do not consider that the least un-American. Love baseball, love golf (OK, not really an American-originated sport,), can even tolerate hockey (hmmm, canadian), but just can't tolerate football.

Tod is good enough to usually spare me the sight or sound of football in the house.

To add insult to injury, often my birthday and superbowl weekend coincide.

This year, I have a fun diversion, in the way of several superbowl challenges at Design House Digital. There is a great prize that I really want, so I an trying to participate as much as I can in the hopes of winning the grand prize. And even if I don't, these challenges are fun!

One of the first challenges I decided to tackle was to use one of the superbowl team logos in a layout. I have to admit I never noticed this steelers logo before, but I quite like the shapes and colors in it, which are just like eBay's primary colors, reflected in the fountain that's in the courtyard outside my building.

I executed a successful extracting with the magic wand tool to get the part of the logo I wanted.  I also successfully did a selective recoloring of the argyle paper to match the colors.

DHD Logo Fountain

Template - Tiffany Tillman Storyteller
B/G Paper - Gen Bursett Fall Argyle Stripe (recolored)
Mask - Tiffany Tillman Artistic Photo Mask
Red Paper - Karen Funk Shabby Valentine
Frames - Mary Ann Wise Stacked Frames
Overlay - Mary Ann Wise Painted Overlay

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speed Scrap #301 - Cocktails in January

I know it is completely geeky, and I've said it before, but I love Speed Scraps!

If one looked hard enough, one could probably find speed scraps every day. I haven't looked that hard, yet still find one at least every week, especially due to the frequency of speed scraps at Scrap Matters.

This is a speed scrap layout I completed last weekend, using a photo I just LOVE, one of my P365 photos of our bread, cheese and gin and tonics on the back patio table at the end of a beautiful day of sunshine and golf.  I love how the photo is almost colorless (I did not touch it up...this is as is, out of the phone!), how the slats in the table mimic the direction of the light, how the light shines through the drinks, the perspective of the two glasses, the angle of the knife.  And Tod said it would not take a good picture.  Pshaw!

I think the photo so captures a "perfect moment in January."
Speed Scrap january

Here were the steps from the speed scrap, run by Mye DeLeon of Scrap Matters:
1. Choose 1 photo and 5 papers. Papers can be all patterned only or a combination of patterned and solid papers
2. Use 1 patterned paper as your background and arrange 2 more papers in layer overlapping each other. They can be angled as you wish.
3. Resize the remaining 2 papers into 10x10 and layer them behind the overlapping papers in step 2.
4. Cut your photo into a circle with 4" or 5" diameter, use circle elements to mat and frame it. (this was a brilliant step that made this layout what it is!)
5. Add a string, flourish and any of these - sprays, glitters or splats.
6. Add more elements and create a cluster around your subject.
7. Use an alpha for your title. Don't forget to shadow.

Papers are from Persnickety Prints January Blues kit.
Flourish - Katie Pertiet Holliday Giveaway
Frames & Clock - Miss Mis Designs Midnight Memories
Steamponk Lace - HF Projetke Freebie
Circle Frame & Splats - Jill Desigz Artful Blinds
Puffy heart - cajoline Silver Charms

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simply Kelly New Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I am excited to be embarking on a new mini-effort as a Creative Team member for Simply Kelly Designs.

I am not sure how I "met" Kelly, but it is not unlikely given I hang out in digital scrapping circles, and believe me, they are wide circles!
And so I was thrilled when Kelly accepted my application to be on her creative team (known as CT in the scrap biz).

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce 4 new digital scrapbooking templates that Kelly has created, available in her store at Digital Design Den.
These multi-layered versatile templates allow for a large range of possibilities, from clipping photos or papers to each of the circles and squares (yes, those are individual layers, not just big polka dots!), to grouping or merging adjacent or non-adjacent layers for specialized effects. In fact, Kelly has a tutorial on her blog now on how to do this merging.
There are Rounded elements in both 12x12 and 8.5x11:

And Squared versions, also in both 12x12 and 8.5x11:

And here is what I created with these templates!

First off, with the 12x12 Rounded template, I selected some pictures of the January full moon, then added sparkling jewels to each of the background circles. These jewels are from Kelly's A Formal Affair kit, recolored to complement the colors in the layout.

Next, I worked with the 8 1/2" x 11" template. I have not done anything in this size before, but I could see that it would be convenient for local printing (which I don't do...more on that another time).
In this layout I grouped sets of circles to use as clipping masks for photos or portions of photos.
The additional papers and elements are also all from Kelly's A Formal Affair.
The pictures were taken on our morning walk last Saturday around San Filippe.

Morning Walk

This next layout uses the 12x12 square template and an "ooh la la" kit called Be Mine by Echo Park (from Jessica Sprague). The top picture is from Christmas 2010, and the bottom picture is from our trip to Paris in January 2009. If you look carefully at the gold/orange metal in the background, that is La Tour dan la nuit!
Be Mine

And finally, the 8.5x11 template featuring some of my January P365 photos, of the beautiful blooming apple blossoms against the perfectly blue January sky!
The lovely papers and brushes in this kit are from Design House Digital - Jan Allyson's Vanity Fair and Mary Ann Wise Spring Blossoms. The journaling tag is from Kelly's A Formal Affair.

Spring Blossoms