Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Years Ago Today...Remembering Paris

I can remember it like it was yesterday, in fact, I can remember it better than yesterday. We got up early, nervous of course as I always am on a travel day, but particularly so because Tod and I were leaving Paris after 10 wonderful days, and, we were leaving Megan (and Laura) behind in Paris. 
For 5 months!

Megan was good enough to get up super early and take the Metro, all by herself, from Vaneau in the 6th to our apartment on Rue Violette in the 17th in order to say goodbye.

The driver was just a tad late, and the apartment manager quite early (and being so polite, she insisted on waiting with us...gotta love the French), and so there were these rather awkward, yet emotionally charged moments.

Then when the driver arrived, there was no time for lengthy goodbyes, as he was blocking the tiny street. And so we piled into the van and drove off.
I can still see your face and your wave goodbye! How I missed you those 5 months, but how I loved that you were in Paris!

And so when I bought a new French themed scrapbook kit last week, I thought it would be fun to go back 2 years to the day, find a few favorite photos, and use them in the speed scrap sponsored by Scrap Matters (I heart Speed Scraps!).
I was able to use my new photo editing skills to salvage the photo of Megan and Tod at the cafe in the main square in Montemarte (previously the faces were too dark to even recognize).

Remember Paris
Template is the Mary Ann Wise (DHD) Flourish Template, everything else from Wilma Squared Shabby Chic kit from Scrap Matters.  The Paris stamp is from Persnickety French Toile Girl kit.

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