Monday, January 3, 2011

Scrap Back at Ya

There is some expression about "when life gives you scraps". Traditionally, dealing with scraps meant you were resourceful, thrifty. Of course I have had quite a share of scrap quilting, often buying my scraps (ba dump tsst!).

Now the word has taken on a whole new meaning. Of course, "scrapbooking" still fails all spell checkers.  Regardless of the lack of a definition in the official Webster's, I am continuing both my scrapbooking and my scrapbooking training.

I started a new course this week with Jessica Sprague, Digi in Deep. So far, it is aptly named, and I have learned quite a lot in just one lesson.

This first layout taught me how to create a custom shape, a complex compound clipping mask, and the coolest to tie a digital string and tag around a digital, how cool is that?
Also love the effect of using a brush to extend an alpha. 

The photos are from the Silver Creek Country Club Christmas decorations.

Christmas DID L1

Papers and elements from Jessica Sprague.

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