Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Essential Stuff

Part 2 of the "My Essentials" assignment was to add another page to create a 2-page spread of "My Essentials". It took me a couple of days to think this one through. I used the time during the 2-hour return trip from San Francisco (how lovely it would be without traffic in the Bay Area!) to think about what I would present, then the "how" popped out at me...repetition!

Not only did I use some of the elements and papers from the right-side page, but I used repetition within this page to reinforce the theme.

I love how it turned out :-)

Essential Stuff Page

I was fortunate to find cartoonish elements for everything I wanted to represent. The gnome, pile of books and sewing elements are from Kitschy Digitals, Woodland Die Cuts and Granny's Sewing Basket kits. The camera is from Jessica Sprague's Cardmaking class, and the Eiffel Tower from ELO Designs French Touch.  The palette I picked up in public domain images.

Here's how the 2 pages look together.  I think I might switch left and right...
and maybe drag a transparency of the map from the edge of one page onto the other...
Lesson 3 Essentials

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