Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Photoshop Homework Wrap-Up

Phew, I had so much homework to catch up on, trying to finish Digi In Deep in January so I am ready for Digi In Deeper in February.

First, the basic lesson 2 homework. I used 3 photos of Lily in the snow. While this may look similar to templates I've used in the past, everything was created from scratch, using the drawing, shape, text and brush tools.

Lily and the Snow

The next assignment in Lesson 2 was to use 1 large photo and a couple of small photos; I used a common paper frame for repetition, a simple color scheme - I chose gray, peach, purple, and leading lines to move the eye around the layout - I created circular elements/mats to get the eye to continue to move around, along with brush work, also in a circular pattern. I popped the tag with the warp/blur technique.
These are photos I took on our evening walk around my neighborhood, the pond and fountain on the 17th hole.

Sunset on 17th

Then, 8 more pages of my music mini-journal. This is an exercise in design, using repetition of shapes and elements for continuity, while also incorporating variety. I am really enjoying this creative exercise because it is causing me to review some of my favorite music, and as it gets stuck in my head, it's good!

Music Quotes P3

Music Quotes P4

And finally, I had to create a template with 8 elements - I created 3 photo blocks with frames, a grunge mat, title, journaling, brushes, and date circles. The brush is from Jessica Sprague DID Lesson 2, grunge frames by Sara Schmutz, everything else is original.

Lesson 2 Template

Then I used the template to scrap a few photos from my Project 365 file.

Lesson 2 Sky Scrapbook

Phew! And now I can start on Lesson 3 tomorrow!

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  1. You have so much fun - it shows! Beautiful images Diane - just beautiful!