Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gnome Power Color Challenge

Here it is the last week of January, and I have been thinking all month about the challenges at Design House Digital, thinking I had all month to complete them. Well, now I have less than a week, but that's ok, for how long can it take to make a digital scrapbook page?
This page is for the Color Swatch challenge. A very interesting and unusual swatch collection this month, and what jumped out at me was the magenta color.
I just took this picture of a very full rose in the back yard this past weekend...I will remember this picture because somehow, when I went to take it with my phone, I lost my balance and tumbled down, phone flying, hitting the ground, cover breaking off into pieces.  Fortunately I was crouching and didn't have far to fall, and I was far enough away from the edge of the pool that I didn't fall in.
The things I do for pictures!

Gnome Power
Background - Jen Allyson Notions Blue, 
other papers - Deena Rutter Scarborough Fair, Katie Pertiet Color Challenge
Brushes - Jen Allyson Vanity Fair, Mary Ann Wise Flourish Brushes, Jessica Sprague
alphas - Jen Allyson Notions Blue, Jen Caputo

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