Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fog Has Lifted

We pay a premium to live in Northern California, and so when it is anything but sunny and warm, we have a right to complain. Lately, we've had quite a bit to complain about. Despite forecasts to the contrary, we have not had the anticipated sunny weather, and so today, when the fog finally lifted early in the day (promising a good solar power day), I hit the streets for a quick dose of sunshine and photography!

Fog LiftingFog Lifting

The fog lifted to reveal that brilliant blue that only happens here! Yes, that is me and my shadow, that's the point.
Tree Blue SkyShadows

The wild thistles on the Toulon Court hillside are already pushing up new leaves for the season.

Colors are so earthy and rustilicious!
BarkCrown of Thorns

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