Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Palms 'a Comin'

We've noticed that some of the grand palms that form an allee into Silver Creek were not as healthy looking as some others.

Turns out this is quite a big project for the Homeowner's Association, to replace the diseased palms. This all has to be done very carefully to avoid spreading the disease to other healthy palms and plants.

It's been fascinating the watch the removal of the less fortunate of these giants. And yesterday the replacements began arriving...on large flatbed trucks!

New Palms at Silver Creek

New Palms at Silver Creek

I quickly whipped out my phone to grab these shots, and am proud of knowing how to edit just the tree section to brighten it a bit without washing out the only blue sky we saw this week!
(Did this by using a magic wand selection around the tree and truck to exclude the sky, then applying a levels filter to lighten the gray tones in the selected area).
Thanks to Jessica Sprague for teaching me how to do this!

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