Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Speed Scrap

I fear I may be becoming a speed scrap stalker...lurking on Facebook and in forums for the mention of...SPEED SCRAP!
But it's kind of like doing a puzzle, and good, I think, for mental agility.
It goes something like this:
1) Pick 5 photos; they can be of the same event or the same person or a sequence. Resize or crop them so they will fit across your page, but don't add them to your document yet. It will be more visually interesting if they aren't all exactly the same size.

Then 10 minutes later...
2) Pick 3 papers: a floral, a solid and a dotted.
Place the floral in the background; add the dotted; place the solid over the dotted, about a third of the way down, merge your dotted and solid, and then either crop or reduce the size of this new layer so that the floral background paper is visible. You should now have the floral background visible, and a second layer that has 1/3 of the dotted paper and 2/3 of the solid. You can skew or rotate the top layer to your liking.

And in another 10 minutes...
3) Find a border and add this to the border where the dotted and solid papers meet. Find 1 paper-like or flat element that will be duplicated 3 times and scattered behind your photos. Add these to your page about where the dotted and solid papers meet.

4) OK, now to the photos: add these to your page in a row across the border and the paper/flat elements. You should resize them if necessary to allow a little of the border to show on either edge. The photos don't have to be in an exact straight row; a little randomness or messiness is interesting.

5) Now you should have (in order from bottom to top) a floral background, a layer with 1/3 dotted and 2/3 solid, a border, 3 flat elements, and your 5 photos.

Now, I want you to find a piece of stitching; you will place this across the top of the photos, a little above the dividing line of dots/solid.

Find a small element that coordinates with your theme and place it on one of the photos, where ever you wish.

Getting close to the end:
6) Whew! We're almost there! Now, we're going to add an element cluster the top right and lower left of the dots/solid layer.
So, go crazy and choose ribbons, flowers, swirls, or what ever makes your heart go pitter-patter.
Or, if you like simplicity, just use a brush and stamp on your layer.
Make the top right a little smaller, as it will be on the dotted paper and close to the photos. You don't want too much going on here, as it's busy already.

And finally...
We made it! Lastly, I want to add a title and a little journaling on the solid paper, off to one side, under the photos. Add drop shadows and whatever other little tweeks you wish. Upload it to the gallery and pat yourself on the back!

And here is what I did with these instructions, scrapping a few pictures from Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Speed Scrap

Thanks to Faith Sisters for sponsoring the speed scrap. Background paper from Far Far Hill, Roseytoes and Cinzia. Thanksgiving word art from pammiek of By the Shore Designs. Red ribbon with heart from Riley Creations from the Love is in the Air collab kit for DSM. Mask from DaniMoy Designs.

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