Monday, December 13, 2010

Leaf Raking

Do you recall your mother or father asking you to go out and blow the leaves? Of course not!
For back when I was a kid, leaves were raked, now blown.

I will try to refrain from launching into a tirade against leaf blowers, as I generally like to allow everyone to make their own lifestyle decisions without interference or influence. But I must make a quick statement about how I personally prefer the rake to the blower.

OK, back to a happy place of fall leaves :-) Beautifully colored leaves flowing gracefully to the ground, there to cover the grass , settle in among the tree roots, and form the undergrowth of another generation of nature.

But if one must remove them, from a lawn or a sidewalk, I find it is so pleasant to do so with a rake, to gather up and watch the colors mixing together, the breath in the scent of nature's decay, to listen to the rustle of the soon-to-be crispy foliage.
Even the sound of the rake tines working through the grass or scraping on the sidewalk is familiar and comforting.

Thus it was with pride and pleasure that I raked the leaves from our beautiful street tree today, gathering them into a luscious pile of hue and aroma.

Leaf Pile

Reluctant to leave all the beauty behind, it seems a few slipped inside to keep my company in the gray days of winter.


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