Monday, November 29, 2010

Un-Christmas-Like Conduct

My mission today was to get a few photos to use in another challenge from Design House Digital. The challenge is to use a themed kit in a non-themed way.

Well, ever since I decided to organize all my digi-stuff categorically, I don't maintain items in kits. But I did save the Christmas kits from the Jessica Sprague new certified designers blog hop (phew, what a mouthful). I remembered there were some pretty vintage looking papers in the kits that were not in traditional Christmas colors or patterns.

When I got to the 10th tee at the golf course, there was a blue heron along side. I thought I would be able to feature him in a scrapbook layout.
Blue Heron

Then I got to the 17th...I love the 17th, with it's beautiful little "beach", lake and fountain, and the lovely weeping willow billowing in the breeze. Since it is so quiet on the course on a Monday, I went over to the lake to take a few pictures, and felt very smug putting the phone back into my pocket with what I knew would be good photos.

Then I got to the 18th hole, my final approach shot, and when I went to clean off my clubs, my towel, and the little bag with balls, tees, and MY CAR KEYS, was gone.

I will make a long story short. After a lot of running around, phone calls, help from a nice man named Dave with a fast golf cart in which we traversed the entire back 9, not once, but twice, my bag and towel were found, right there on the 17th under the weeping willow.

It took me a lot less time to make this layout than it cost me to take these pictures :-)

The great gridded template is from Inspired Perpetually. The lovely papers are from the Vintage Christmas collection from Memory Scraps. Some artistic masks from Tiffany Tillman for Design House Digital helped with the blending.
Thus, a non-Christmas layout with Christmas kits.

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