Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends Scrapbook Featured on Shutterfly

The digital scrapbook that I made for Laura just before she left for New York is being featured on the Shutterfly Gallery for the next several days.

What an honor! I can now add this to the "stories" about this book.

I planned this book for a while, as I do all my projects. Getting photos out of these girls is always difficult. So I nabbed them mostly off Facebook, and digitally enhanced them for printing.

I am new to digital scrapbooking, so making a page is no small task. Making 20 pages is, well, also no small task, especially since I was dealing with several deadlines. Laura was leaving in a few weeks, and Shutterfly discounts were also expiring.

Amy referred me to a Groupon for a $10 Shutterfly book, which I bought in an instant.

So armed with my pictures, my pages, my Groupon, my discounts, I finally got to the moment of "Order this Book". I decided to buy 3 copies...one for Laura, one for Megan, and one for me.

But when I went to use my Groupon, it wasn't allowing it. I was crushed and started writing in to Shutterfly to ask them why, when an online chat agent popped onto my screen and asked if he could help.

"Whaaaa!" , I cried,
I am trying to use my Groupon for a book I am making for my daughter's friend who is leaving the area soon and I need to get it done and shipped and I worked so hard on it and now...whaaaaa!"

To make an already long story short, my hero Sandeep fixed the issue and 3 copies of this beautiful book were in my hands a few days later, in plenty of time to present to Laura when we went to the deYoung, where more tears were shed.

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