Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafty Friday - Drapes for my WC

So, what clever and crafty project have I been up to today?

Quick and easy bishop sleeves draperies for my WC!

I may have a "before" picture of the WC, but I'll skip it. The master bath water closet was nicely faux-painted, but with a tile floor and a very small space, it echoed and felt kind of cold.

The first step was to replace the horrible seat (did this in all the bathrooms), which was quite a chore since we have old-fashioned don't-make-them-anymore Eljer square toilets. Then I made a custom seat cover.

I found a wonderful Laura Ashley toile on eBay in just the right combination of tan/taupe and gray, the same colors in the faux-finish. I bought all that the seller had, I think it was about 14 yards, and made seat covers for the two downstairs bathrooms plus a shower curtain for the other downstairs full bath.

Then once I was finished with work yesterday, which is always a nebulous thing when you work at home, I pulled out the fabric and whipped up these bishop-sleeve drapes to add softness to the WC and hopefully remove the echo.  Since I lined them with black-out, they should also manage to block some of the cold from this outside wall.

The formula is simple - 
2.5" header + 1.5" rod pocket (double each + 1" for hem), + rod-to-floor length + 4" double hem + 12" for the bishop sleeve.  Since my space was so narrow (less than 30"), I split the width of the 54" decorator fabric, and with the thick blackout lining, they are quite sufficient.

To make the bishop sleeve, I just gathered the width with ribbon, pulled it up and tacked it to the window frame with a thumb tack.

PS - Photoshop Friday is expected to return next week.

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