Monday, September 6, 2010

Travel Art - P2 - San Gimignano

The other night I was browsing through my Netflix instant queue and decided to watch "Where Angels Fear to Tread".

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Not more than a few minutes into it, a distant scene of an Italian hillside and I exclaim, to my empty-but-for-me house, "OMG, that's San Gimignano!".

I had a doubt here and, there is no train station like that in San Gimignano, and wait, they are calling it "Monteriano", but oh yeah, there's the cisterna (the well in the central piazza), and that's the hotel La Cisterna, where we stayed last year!!

I was so excited to recognize these places, and so inspired by the memories.

I opened my folder of San Gimignano pictures...hmmm, how to pick from among the 120 photos that I took in this one town??

Well, I remember opening the window of our room in the morning, a room with a view, and the mists were hanging over the valley...just like they show it on television. Later I sat on that wall, so content. And how many not-very-effective self-portraits did we try to take with all 14 towers in the background.

And when we climbed up one of them, how cool to look down on the piazza.

San Gimignano Scrapbook Page

This is an original page design, using a background paper from Jessica Sprague, and a couple of wonderful masks from Dani Moy Designs.
The background photo is an original photo manipulated in photoshop (colorize, turn to sepia, find edges), a super-cool technique I learned from Ann6, another digiscrapper at Jessica Sprague.

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