Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Blues

This weekend was the opening of an exhibit at the de Young, featuring 120 post-impressionist masterpieces from the Orsay Museum.

When I was at the Orsay, I am pretty sure Starry Night was missing, out for an exhibit.

And if my memory serves me correctly, this painting was also missing from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

Finally, right here in San Francisco, I get to see one of my favorite paintings.

As is my habit, I brought home a postcard as a reminder.

As is now my current hobby, I turned that postcard into a collage.

Starry Night Scrapbook Page
An original layout, starting with a blue background, over which I masked a starry paper from cajoline (summer night dreams collection) that I recolored from pink to blue. The postcard is feathered in place with a dissolve blend. A little capture of the ephemera from the day are collaged into the corner.  Lots of golden elements are from Christina Renee.

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