Thursday, September 16, 2010

Start to Finish Thursday - Les Geeks

Another Thursday assignment for my Photoshop scrapbooking class...create a start to finish scrapbook page in 30 minutes.

The topic - Nerdy Little Secrets

This photo came immediately to mind, taken by Laura at the Pompidou Center last January, unbeknownst to the geeks pouring through our guidebooks, figuring out what to do next...

Nerdy Scrapbook Page

Part of the assignment was to use a non-square, non-rectangular photo mask.  I used a cloud shape, and brushed it a bit.   Both photos are by Laura Schmits.  The mask I used for the background photo, much more sophisticated than my simple cloud mask, is from Danimoy Designs.  The notebook paper lists are a modification of elements from Jessica Sprague.

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