Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Homework! All About Me!

Never has homework been so much fun! But phew, hard on my already-worn out typing and mousing hands.

Today's assignment in my intermediate Photoshop digital scrapbooking class was to create a mini book, all about me.

The expectation is that scrappers mostly scrap about others...their families, their pets, their flowers, travel, etc. Yes, I do all those things, but I have no problem scrapping about me, because I have this whole legacy thing going on.

So here is page 1, not in any order, but I love these two pictures - the one from Venice where I so sneakily tried on the gondolier's hat from the cart when the cartier was not looking, , the other taken by Yvonne in her recent visit here from London, Oslo, Paris or wherever she happens to be from today.

The half-page template is from Jessica Sprague, with papers and elements from dydyge , Katie Pertiet and Sara Shmutz.

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  1. Diane,this is a wonderful layout and its so fun seeing pictures of you..Wish I could say..this is me in sweet Venice..Ahh one day!Big Hugs,Cat