Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am...Artsy Craftsy

It's time...

I haven't made a quilt in...well, actually I am quilting Megan's Amy Butler/Anna Maria Horner quilt right now...

Megan's Quilt in Progress

but I haven't made a quilt in...well, there was that cute scrappy spools quilt I made for Pat this summer (Pat the Quilter of Come Quilt with Me).
Spools Quilt

Point is, I have "diversified". 
I miss quilting, making Artist Trading Cards, placing each tiny tessera to make mosaic art.

I do hope I will do all those things again at some time, but right now, it's photos and scrapping.

And so, it was time to pull the plug on "Diane Weber Quilt Art" and admit it, I'm just plain ol' Diane Weber....Artsy Craftsy.

Artsy Craftsy Blog Header

And my artsy craftsy project of the day?  Reworking my 2-page "One Week" layout from my Jessica Sprague Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop class to be more Parisian.

One Week Paris Web

Adorable Eiffel Tower paper and elements from Cajoline.

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