Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

Last evening we were enjoying a wonderful dinner on the patio.
The weather was beautiful as usual, Megan was with us, making it special, and dinner was a delicious reminiscence of dinners in Hawaii...fresh grilled mahi mahi with homemade tropical salsa, sweet corn on the cob, artisan bread in tuscan-flavored olive oil, and oh yes, mai-tais.

Suddenly the sky above us darkened a bit. We are somewhat used to this, being in the regular flight paths of not only Reed Hillview airport, but also the many turkey vultures who comb our hillsides and keep them clean.

But this was a little different...an eagle has landed...right there on our rooftop! 
He arranged his beautiful feathers, which looked so soft and lovely, and looked around for a bit, taking little to no notice of us. And then...

Labor Day Eagle

"Sam Eagle here, wishing everyone a happy labor day. And now I shall be off for my dinner".

And with that, he swooped down, with nary a flap, glided within feet of us, but only low enough to clear the fence and descend upon the hillside, just in time to catch a little morsel.

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