Monday, August 9, 2010

Green Quilting & Scrapping

I was very very lucky last week!
Not only did I win something, but I accidentally found out that I had won something, as in , I almost missed finding out, which meant I would have been doubly unlucky, but not known about it, but instead I was doubly lucky!

Anyway, by being a good blog reader and commenter, I won a wonderful digital scrapbook kit from Design House Digital, called Notions Blue, and featuring great sewing notions like buttons, pins, spools of thread, and a fabulous alphabet of stitches on cloth.

Unfortunately, by the time I received my coupon code, we were on the way to Kirkwood. But no problem, I thought, I'll just download it there to Megan's computer which has Photoshop on it, and play with it there.

Good idea, just required a little patience at the wilderness download speed. OK, a lot of took over 30 minutes to download. But it was worth the wait, for the colors were just perfect to use with a picture of Megan's Amy Butler/Anna Maria Horner quilt.

Quilt Notions Blue Scrapbook

What's green about it?
Well, the quilt is all made from "scraps", and from a digital scrapbook perspective, I was definitely roughin' it :-)

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