Sunday, August 1, 2010

Green August

I try not to panic when the calendar turns to August. You see, I love summer, and don't want it to ever end. I tell myself we most assuredly have at least 3 more months of summer weather, but the calendar still taunts me.
And so I must try to stay postive through the month of August, focusing on "green"...

August NaBloPoMo

The first thing to come to mind is, what else, but a "green". This one happens to be the 14th (at Silver Creek Valley Country Club), but I like them all.

14th Green

In fact, I love all the green of our golf course, especially now that the surrounding hills are "golden", the green provides such beautiful contrast. I would like to say it feels cool to look at the green of the golf course, but since we are still topping 90 degrees every day, it's more of a "warm green".

Golden Hills

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  1. I know!!!Kids are already going back to school next week...Eeek!!

    Beautiful Greens Diane!Hugs,Cat