Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green August - View on the 12th

California is not known for being "green" in the summer, in fact, the state nickname of "The Golden State" is quite apt. But there are green spots, here in my little oasis at Silver Creek. (and lest anyone think this is wasteful use of water, we do use reclaimed water, and the golf course is recognized by the Audibon Society for it's contribution to natural wildlife habitats...a fact I can attest to as I walk among the wild turkeys, egrets, herons, waterfowl, crows, and the ground critters - rabbits - cottontails and jacks, mice, voles, ground squirrels - all seemingly enjoying the environment).
I couldn't help taking notice of all the shades of green in this one sight, the light and medium green of the fairway and green of the 12th hole, against the backdrop of the hill with the dark green scrub. I also like how the sand trap seems to be pointing to the green,
Hmmm, how many times can I use the work "green", in this, another in my series of exploring green in the month of August.

12th Green Scrapbook Page

I took the picture on Tod's phone since I didn't have my own with me. The green glitter background is from Owl Tree Studio. The cute wooden sign is from cajoline. The wonderful stamped frame, the faux label letters and "12" elements are from Christina Renee, and the very cool sandy alphabet is from GBG Designs.

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