Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gnome & Garden - P1

A couple of months ago, June 21 to be exact, it was International Gnome Day. I had intended to celebrate the day with pictures and stories of my gnomes, but somehow it didn't happen. And so, now that I am in need of 24 subjects in 24 hours (that no one but me cares about), out come the gnome pics!

All stories of my gnomes must start with Pierpont. He is named after Babette's gnome in Gilmore Girls, which Jess steals and hides in Uncle Luke's closet. That story had a happy ending, with Pierpont being returned (at Luke's insistence, but Jess is not really bad, he just acts badly). My Pierpont hazards no such adventures, although he has traveled all the way to Hawaii....

Pierpont in Kona

and has made a trip to the mountains of Kirkwood...
Pierpont at KirkwoodPierpont at KirkwoodPierpont at KirkwoodPierpont at KirkwoodPierpont at Kirkwood

Megan gave me Pierpont back when she was working at Jo-Anne's...must have been 6 or 7 years ago? (Why don't I write these things down??)

He currently enjoys a place of honor on the mantle in the family room. Note how well his hat coordinates with my red walls!

Love you, Pierpont!


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