Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Geranium Saga - P1

I like geraniums. Some consider them ordinary, but I like them. They tirelessly put out beautifully colorful flowers for many months of the season, and many years afterward. And so when we wanted to add a little color to our front yard, I turned to geraniums.

Front Yard

Unfortunately, rabbits and voles also like geraniums. A day after the planting, one plant was completely gone. A few days later, I had nearly nothing left. I was so sad.

Pepper spray to the rescue! We added more geraniums and spray them with something stinky that the rabbits don't like (and we do other things about the voles, but that's all rather unpleasant so we won't talk about it).

Front Yard

Several weeks later, we appear to be winning the battle. Shoo bunny!

Fountain View

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  1. I love your flowers and landscaping. I wish I had a green finger. This year I went basic. I bought a Fuschia hanging basket and a Petunia hanging basket. I've not killed them yet! I actually managed to revive my petunia after the heat almost killed it.