Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Shoot...P4...and another Challenge!

Another challenge from Design House Digital, this one to use this lovely color palette...

Swatch Challenge
The colors are reminiscent of those in Sawyer's Liberty of London dress, and so I grabbed a picture from the photo shoot, practiced my new skill in turning a photo to sepia, then revealing the color of just a highlighted element, and created this collage-like layout...

Photo Shoot Challenge

A set of perfectly colored papers from Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals.
Template from Jen Maddocks of Digi Scapbook Mania.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Soiree Scrapped

It's back to school week for me...my first week taking an intermediate course in digital scrapbooking with Photoshop.

My first homework assignment is complete and I am anxiously awaiting the next lessons :-)
Using the recolored photo posted the other day, this is a 'from-scratch' layout...too many things learned to enumerate them all, but let me say that the learning is fun!

Soiree NWR Scrapbook Page

And special thanks to Jessica Sprague for the lessons and many of the materials. Other elements from Cajoline Scrap.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


How to recreate Paris in San Jose...

- baguettes from Le Boulanger
- a brie, et des autres fromages et des fruits, from Lucky
- a box of Le Petit Ecolier cookies
- a few bottles of cheap (aka bottom shelf) wine, not from Monoprix, but again from Lucky
- my Eiffel Tower wine glasses
- my vintage Spode fleur de lis plates

A warm and lovely spread, ready for the soiree!

Soiree Spread

I learned how to do selective recoloring of photos turned sepia in my new Jessica Sprague class.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Shoot...P3...and a Challenge!

More pics from the photo shoot, incorporated into an "original" scrapbook page...how I love working with these photos!
I created this page as a challenge response from Design House Digital.
The challenge was to use the following ingredients:
  • 3 photos
  • 2 patterned papers
  • 1 solid paper
  • 2 staples
  • 1 tag
  • 2 fonts or alphas
And here is what I came up with:

Sarah Photo Shoot #3

The patterned papers and the awesome grungy photo masks are from Jen Maddocks Designs. The solid paper is from Deena Rutter's Scarborough Fair solids, from Design House Digital. The staples are from Jen Caputo. Tag by creative chaos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Shoot...P2

Another photo selected from the new photo shoot of The Constant Traveler collection.

Modeled by Sarah, who did an amazing job at this shoot, photo by Stevan Nordstrom, collection by Megan Miller.

Photo Shoot #2

Quick page by Shelley with a Mason Creek overlay.
I made the ric rac on the bottom myself!
Elements from Jessica Sprague and Design House Digitals.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's that Molly Again...

...Trained from a very early age to pose for the camera, and so her photos are always so cute, and not at all cheesy, ie, she seems to enjoy it!

Molly Mini Golf Scrapbook Page

Template from Jessica Sprague, Photoshop Friday episode #15.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Redondo Recap

We had possibly planned to do a few more things while in LA, but this darned beach, just two blocks from our hotel, was too perfect!


And so we sat, and watched, and listened to the waves, and read the signs on the planes and blimp passing by, and laid down, and got sand everywhere, and, you know, did the beach!

Tod at Redondo Beach

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Shoot...P1

Two weeks ago Megan did a new photo shoot of her collection with model Sarah and photographer Stevan Nordstrom. There are so many wonderful photos from the shoot, I just grabbed one and started scrappin' it...
The photos were taken at the 4th & King Caltrain station in San Francisco.

Constant Traveler Photo Shoot

Background paper from Jen Maddocks, awesome frame which set the color story of the design from Veronica Spriggs, elements from Jen Allyson of Design House Digital and Christina Renee. Photo by Stevan Nordstrom.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Not to Like? P4 - A Treasure

Yes, a treasure, as in a treasure within a treasure...a Van Gogh Irises...

Van Gogh Irises

within the Getty Museum...

Getty Museum

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's Not to Like? P3 - The Wayfarer's Chapel

This next LA discovery falls into the "blow you away" category, in terms of sheer beauty and awesomeness.

This is the Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes, where our friends Tom & Yuri were married this morning. It was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank, and looks like it grew right out of the landscape...
Wayfarer's Chapel OutsideWayfarer's Chapel Inside

on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.
Wayfarer's Chapel ViewWayfarer's Chapel View

I cannot imagine a more beautiful place for a wedding.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's Not to Like? P2 - Familiar Favorites

Warning...I brake for Anthropologie (this one at The Grove in downtown LA, which was so overwhelmingly gorgeous, and so well-stocked with sale items, that I could not make any decisions and escaped without spending any money...sorry Anthro, but it's not like...well, you know...)...


Luckily for me, there was a bench outside...

Tod outside Anthro

And my favorite star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...why, it's my old pal Mickey!
Mickey Mouse Star

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Not to Like? P1

We don't go to LA often...although this is my second trip this year. Yes, the traffic is horrible and incessant, but LA can be so beautiful, and so full of things I love.

For example, mosaics, discovered right on the pier at Redondo Beach...

Complimentary colored signage against a blue sky, also from the pier...
Crab Sign

This one is priceless, captured on the Redondo Beach Pier, right next to the police station (I love the graphic, the weathered wood, the font, the rust on the pole) ...
Mileage Sign

And delicious crepes at the historic downtown Farmer's Market!
Crepe Company

Do I look like I swallowed le chat ou quoi??
Bonjour Crepe Company

And macarons!!! (I can't believe, I forgot to go back after lunch and get some!).

It was almost enough to make me want to buy an "I Love LA" T-shirt :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Molly at Deep Creek - P1

I didn't go to Deep Creek with most of the rest of the family, but I got to enjoy it via pictures, and now I get to use the pictures in scrapbooks!

This picture of Molly is one of my favorites. It just says "Molly".
And it was perfect for this layout...

Molly Waiting Scrapbook Page

...from Jessica Sprague, Photoshop Friday, Episode #14, in which I learned to make the very cool question mark with offset outline and filled shadow that blends into the background. Phew, I wonder if I can do it again??

Happiness is...The Final Post

All the loveliness in the garden, all the indulgence in my collections and hobbies, the ability to live in a beautiful home, the pride of motherhood...all due to these two people, who I love with all my heart...

Happiness is...New Flora Friends

There is this useless spot in the corner of the back yard, between the barbecue island and the fence. You can't get back there, except by climbing over the barbecue.

But weeds can get there easily, creeping up from the hill on the other side of the fence.

What to do?

When life gives you dead spaces, plant a lemon tree!

I think it was Mary Jane's idea to plant a tree back there. And a brilliant idea it is.

So here is the little sprout, already doubled in size from when it was planted just a couple of months ago.

There are definitely lemons in our future once again.

Lemon Tree

Happiness is...Longtime Flora Friends

There was never any doubt in my mind that some plants would move with us...they have been with us a long time, like pets.

And so came the pot of mums...

and the plumeria...

The pot of mums has been with us for a number of years, often reminding me, before I want to be reminded, that autumn is on the way.

The plumeria I grew from a stickling bought at Hilo Hattie's...who knows how many years ago. Once again this year it is going to reward us with flowers.

The question is...which will happen first...the onset of autumn signaled by the cheery yellow mums? Or the remembrance of the tropics brought on by the lovely scent of pink plumeria??

Happiness is...My View

I hardly need any words...but I'll say a few any way...

How lucky are we to see this, every day. In the winter, I thought it couldn't get any more beautiful when the hills were verdant and velvety, and I worried that they wouldn't look as beautiful after being scorched by the summer sun.

But here it is nearing the end of the summer (for some) and yet they are more beautiful than ever, especially late in the day when they take on the golden glow of sunset.
My View

Happiness is...African Violets

How lovely and precious are my African Violets. I am so pleased they have taken a liking to several locations in our new home.

This one right on the kitchen counter is bound to get all the attention it needs. In return, it provides beautiful shiny fuzzy leaves and perfect flowers!

African Violets

Happiness is...a Scrapbook

And not just any scrapbook, but the Paris scrapbook. I will always remember how much love and effort went into the scrapbook as I eagerly awaited the return of someone very special to me.

This book has a place of honor on the family room coffee table, and if ever I need a little pick me up, I can just open the pages and remember.

Paris Scrapbook

Happiness is...a Quilt Rack

Every time I see this rack of lovely quilts, I appreciate the talent that Dad has for making things with wood, and giving them so generously!

Quilt Rack

Happiness is...a Quilt

Of all the quilts in my house, it makes me most happy to look upon this quilt (in progress), because I didn't make it, but someone very special to me has learned to make something so beautiful.

I am so proud!

Megan's Quilt

Gnome & Garden - The Final Tribute

I haven't exactly covered all the gnomes in my house, but that would likely take more than 24 hours or 24 posts, so here is my final tribute to my precious gnomes:

Gnomes Scrapbook Page

This is a template by Crystal Wilkerson available at Jessica Sprague.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gnome & Garden - P9 The Yankee Candle Gnomes

I almost forgot, my most recent additions.

How did Yankee Candle, a new-found love, know that I love gnomes??

Yankee Candle Gnomes

It's just like Disney and gnomes...Yankee Candle and gnomes..I bought them all, lock, stick and barrel. And yes I use them, all the time.

Gnome & Garden - P8

This is turning out to be quite a chronicle, and I even grouped some of the gnomes!

Not to be left behind, was the Mickey Gnome rain gauge.

It just so happens we need a new rain gauge! So how perfect is that??
It is somewhat of a scary thought to put Michey Gnome rain gauge outside, but perhaps a coating of paint/finish protector will ensure the colors stay bright through the rainy season.

Mickey Gnome Rain Gauge

Gnome & Garden - P7

Take something I already love, like, I don't know, Mickey Mouse?
Then combine it into a gnome...sold, lock, stock and barrel.

How many of these can I fit in my suitcase? None? No problem, I will hand carry him all the way from Florida to California!

Thus Mickey Gnome may his way into our home this past May, a stowaway from The Land pavilion at Disney World's Epcot Center.

He has a place of honor among the plants in the kitchen.

Mickey Gnome

The fondest memory I will always have of Mickey Gnome...earlier in the same month of May 2010, Amy and Molly were in the very same spot and Molly was sweet enough to want to buy Mickey Gnome for Aunt Diane.

Amy was smart enough to know that I would buy it for myself, saving her the trouble of the carry and the shipping (but losing out on a great gift opportunity!).

Gnome & Garden - P6

NY Yankee gnome was one of the hazards of my job. It is my job to search a major online eTail site, making sure it is set up properly for buying and selling.
Just a quick foray into Fan Apparel & Souvenirs...there are over 2000 gnomes available!
Who knew??

I've yet to come up with a clever gnome name (did you know there are websites to generate names for your gnome?) that somehow sound like a gnome name while also sounding like "Derek Jeter" :-)

Yankee Gnome

Gnome & Garden - P5

While we are gnoming around the garden, let me introduce the latest additions to the garden, the tomato gnomes.

It's hard enough for me to resist a gnome, let along a half-priced gnome.
Four of these came home with me from an unrelated trip to Jo-Anne's, two for me and two for Mary Jane.
They keep guard over the tomatoes, hopefully scaring away the squirrels who keep forgetting that they don't really like tomatoes!

Tomoto Gnome #1Tomoto Gnome #2

Gnome & Garden - P4

On top of the spa, under a palm tree, sits Shakespeare, reading a garden gnome's guidebook, of course. His page is open to the following:

"The earth is my playground. Unseen I toil, urging seeds to break through the fertile soil."

On my long-term to-do list is to repaint his mushroom...what do you think?
I am always torn over this...I would like to give his mushroom a fresh coat of paint, but then again, garden gnomes are supposed to weather with the weather...

Shakespeare Gnome

Gnome & Garden - P3

Then there are the twins, Wimwalter and Olaf. Olaf is actually named and dated on his bottom...was that smart or what? And I remember he was a Christmas present from Jay, who didn't know I owned his twin brother Wimwalter.

But hey, that means it was a good gift, right, since I picked out the exact same thing the year before!

This is Wimwalter on the left and Olaf on the right, I think...
Like their companion Shroombob, they carry little lights to make to easier to see in the garden at night.

Hiker Gnome #1Hiker Gnome #2

Gnome & Garden - P2

Next up in my gnome chronicles are my garden gnomes.

They are a rugged and weathered bunch, currently keeping good company with the bunny rabbits.

This is Shroombob, so named for his shroom in a globe.
Shroom Bob Gnome
These were a Christmas, or perhaps birthday, present from Tod, year unknown of course (guessing 2007?), picked out of a gardener's supply catalog. Hey, I get the best presents when I pick them out myself.

He's solar powered so I see his tiny light, along with those of his garden buddies, when I peer out the window in the evenings.