Thursday, July 1, 2010

"V" is for "Vole"

Previously known to me only as a decent word game is really a word? Indeed it is, and a good use of a "v".

But yes, there is such a thing as a vole, a rodent somewhere between a mouse and a rat, and they are among the thousands of critters here in Silver Creek vying for a position in the food chain.

Also prevalent on this hill is the wind.

So was it the wind that ripped apart the plants in my kitchen, near the back door which was open?

No, it was my little friend rollie the vollie, who at 5:30 this morning was discovered in my large potted plant, eating breakfast.


Upon hearing me he jumped down and disappeared in the wall, only to return a few more times to continue to make a mess of my kitchen.

The potted plants are now relegated to the outdoors, the hole in the wall is being guarded by fox urine until such time that it can be boarded up, and I'm afraid I had to buy a few mousetraps.

That's quite enough adventure, if you please.

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