Sunday, July 11, 2010

To Be Scrapped...Emigrant Lake

We'd been here before, on a tough hike out from the Kirkwood Valley, over the hill, bushwhacking, with the help of Mr. GPS, until we found the lake. There we found an absolute gem in the mountains, and also found what looked to be a relatively straightforward trail, which we obviously missed.

And so we were determined to return via the trail.

We tried again, I think it was last October, but were turned away by vicious mosquitoes.
Today we successfully returned to Emigrant Lake, starting at the simple trail head at Caples Lake, and unfortunately sans Mr. GPS, and so once again we struggled to find the trail hidden beneath patches of snow. Yes, snow in July, not unusual at 8000 ft elevations after a heavy-snow winter.

The rewards were great:


I am so looking forward to incorporating photos like these into some pages to tell the story of the return hike to Emigrant Lake in early July.


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  1. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing your adventure!