Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spools Quilt - The Beginning

When my friend Pat from Come Quilt With Me asked if I would make a quilt for her 4th book, the answer was an immediate "yes".

I didn't know which set of 2-patch templates she would send, but no matter, I like a challenge. I was excited to receive a set of templates for a "Spinning Spools" design.

By far the most challenging part of making a quilt is the fabric selection. In order to define the spools, the spool fabric and the background fabric need to be uniform in color and value. Yet the overall desire is for a scrappy quilt.

Additional considerations are for strong colors for the best photographic results, avoiding whites and pale yellows.

So here is the fabric I've gathered, returning once again to Lakehouse brights as the most reliable to produce a beautiful scrappy quilt.

Fabric for Spools Quilt

With Megan's help I even have a successful rendering.

Spools Quilt Rendering

The next biggest challenge was finding my Brooklyn Revolver to help with the accurate cutting around the templates.
Two hours, every box removed from the garage and examined, a small pile of stuff into the recycle and charity piles, another search through the house, and the revolver finally located in my studio desk drawer.

Now I can begin!

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