Sunday, July 25, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #25 Kitties

I read something wonderful today about scrapbooking. One can never be behind in scrapbooking, because whenever one does anything to document what's going on, be it travel, a special occasion, or the everyday occurrences which can make life so is ahead!

And so, today I have once again captured the story of three little kitties which occupied our lives for nearly a year, from June of 2009 until we moved away from Cupertino in February of this year.

This week we are helping Peter while he is away and feeding the cats...I should call them cats now, as they are more than a year old.

Yesterday they just scattered as we entered the yard, but today, a little progress toward reacquaintance.

Kitties Scrapbook Page

This page started with a quick page from Heather Prins for Jessica Sprague.  All I added was the string, an element from the Sea Glass collection by Melita Blake, and the mouse, a brush I created from public domain clip art. Oh and the story...the most important part, besides the pictures.

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  1. oh wow that looks so great!! Thanks for using my QP!!!