Thursday, July 15, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #18 Carson River

We took about 30 pictures of the river...the West Fork of the Carson River. It was so hard to capture the beautiful light, the way it lit up the clouds with pinks and yellows.

This one was my favorite because the strand of dry grass lit up in the foreground.
I knew this was the one I would put onto a scrapbook page, as promised.

Carson River Scrapbook Page

A Quick Page by Chrissy Guido for Jessica Sprague is the basis, to which I added multiple embellishments from the totally appropriate "happy camper" collection from Sara Shmutz for Design House Digital.
The perfect ribbon is from Songbird Avenue.

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  1. The way the water glitters is so beautiful,but the tears fell when I read what you journaled..Hope thats OK....couldnt help myself..hehehehe.Hugs-Cat