Friday, July 2, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #10 Petunias

I've always loved petunias. Back when I lived in Maryland, I would grow large batches of them from seed, to fill the beds around my house with summer color. They were one of few flowers capable of withstanding the heat and humidity of Maryland summers.

But I've never had any luck with them in California. Some worm-like bug finds them and decimates them.

But this summer I am surrounded by pretty petunias in the common spaces of Silver Creek. I especially love these red and white striped ones.

And so I searched through my scrapbook files for a page to feature a single photo.

Petunias Scrapbook Page

This quick page is from elseepe, courtesy of the Jessica Sprague blog hop, and part of my commitment to create 33 pages based on the layouts from the 33 blog hop participants.

I've added several new skills from Jessica's Photoshop Friday series...use of a cool new font, brush coloring of a font, application of a gradient to highlight journaling text.

In addition to placing the photo behind the quick page layout, I also like to layer on top of these quick pages. I added semi-transparent views of the flower bed from which I grabbed the close-up of the petunia, the tag, lettering and journaling.

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  1. nice to see what you've done with my quickpage. Thank you for linking it up. I would never have thought to place a photo behind and blend it like that.