Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fashion Show - Rory

I have to admit I get the names of the models and the names of the designs confused. I know this is the Rory design, but I may have goofed on the model name.
Anyway, another in a series showing off the work of Megan Miller (aka DD).

Rory Model

Background and amazing lettering are from Christina Renee.   Dressform and frames from Cajoline. Photo mat and grungy frames from Jessica Sprague.  Croque is an original from Megan, made into a brush, by me.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Fashion Show, Part X

If only I had known I had these pictures from Megan's photoshoot, I would have used them a lot sooner.  Like these adorable photos of Abby wearing the "Quinn" outfit.  I am particularly partial to Quinn, not only because Abby looks adorable as Quinn, but because I lined the jacket, sewed the sweater parts together, and made the thigh-high stirrup tights.  I was so proud to be able to help my girl be successful with her collection.

Abby as Quinn

Layout is form Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday Episode 11, in which I learned how to create a storyboard.  Additional papers and elements also from Jessica Sprague and her design team.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More than 33 Scrapbook Pages - Take a Hike

Still scrappin', still learnin', and whilst doing so, savoring the memories from summer...the fresh air, the warm temperatures, the glimpses of snow, the feeling of health and well-being, for which I am daily grateful!

Take a Hike
This layout is from Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday Episode 11.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #27 Fashion Show

I didn't realize that I have pictures from Megan's fashion show...oh the pages I can make with these!

This wonderful picture was taken by Ali's (far right) dad Doug and doctored on his iPad to get the B&W background. But more importantly, it shows some awesome young ladies in some amazing clothes designed and made by Megan as part of her Senior Collection.

This kind of picture is the perfect subject for a quick page, because this one picture contains so much awesomeness.

Fashion Show Scrapbook Page

The quick page is by LCP for Jessica Sprague. The awesome graduation brushes are by Doris Castle for ScrapGirls. Overlay from the Sun Fun Elements Galore kit by LivE. Pins from Kitschy Digitals for Jessica Sprague.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #26 More Kitties

It was my turn to feed the kitties yesterday...would they remember me? Would they run away?

Who are we kidding...they're hungry, and I have the food.

The kitties were my friends!

Kitty Feeding Scrapbook Page

Page background is a Quick Page by Sarah H using the You Are Awesome kit from the Jessica Sprague, Songbird Ave.
bloghop.  Elements, frames, tags added from Design House Digital

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spoolin' Around

It's a wrap...the Spools quilt is complete and on it's way to Pat of Come Quilt With Me, for use in her new book.

It is so hard to take a good flat picture of a quilt. I tried, as I usually do, and was unsuccessful.

So I threw it over a chair in the backyard from one of my favorite vantage points, with the weather vane and the blue sky, and the California golden hills in the distance...

Spools Quilt

How vibrant the colors look, matching the crispness and vibrancy of the sky.

Spools Quilt

All the beautiful fabrics are from Lakehouse Dry Goods. I am anxious to see it in the book!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #25 Kitties

I read something wonderful today about scrapbooking. One can never be behind in scrapbooking, because whenever one does anything to document what's going on, be it travel, a special occasion, or the everyday occurrences which can make life so is ahead!

And so, today I have once again captured the story of three little kitties which occupied our lives for nearly a year, from June of 2009 until we moved away from Cupertino in February of this year.

This week we are helping Peter while he is away and feeding the cats...I should call them cats now, as they are more than a year old.

Yesterday they just scattered as we entered the yard, but today, a little progress toward reacquaintance.

Kitties Scrapbook Page

This page started with a quick page from Heather Prins for Jessica Sprague.  All I added was the string, an element from the Sea Glass collection by Melita Blake, and the mouse, a brush I created from public domain clip art. Oh and the story...the most important part, besides the pictures.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #24 Cinque Terre

What should be the subject of my next awesome scrapbook page?
Well, what are some of the most awesome places we have been...

This is in no particular order...I just have been thinking of Cinque Terre since I got that message from Sarah Storm that she is there and loving it, and thanking me for the recommendation.

And so Cinque Terre is the subject of page #24 on this 24th day of July.

Cinque Terre Scrapbook Page

I wanted this page to be "from scratch" templates or quick pages, just paper, pictures, frames, elements, and a little journaling.
The lovely background paper is from the Summer Splash collection by Lynn Grieveson.
The lovely frames and postcard are from the Seaglass Collection by Melita Blake.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #23 Girly Golf

We spend a lot of time playing golf these days...if I took pictures all the time, I'd probably play even worse than I do, but...I would have beautiful pictures!

Because our golf course, Silver Creek Valley Country Club, is beautiful, and I love it!

I believe these pictures were from the first time we played the course, back in March.
March Golf Scrapbook Page

This exercise is from Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday series, episode #10, in which I learned to put text on a curve! How cool is that!
I struggled with capturing golf ball images to use in the centers of the flowers, but finally prevailed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #22 Take a Hike

Tod & Diane QP Scrapbook

Credits coming...Reeta Treat for Jessica Sprague, Sara Shmutz from DHD, Laurie Ann from Songbird Avenue.

Monday, July 19, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #21 Photogenic Nieces

This is Molly and Lily, two of the most photographed children on the planet. Well, why not? They are absolutely adorable :-)

Lily Molly Scrapbook Page

1-2-3 Template by Audrey Neal for Design House Digital. Papers and elements by Carina Gardner for Design House Digital.
Brushes by Laurie Anderson for Heaven's Gate Designs.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #20 Summer Quilt

It was finally time this week to change over to a summer quilt on the bed.

I have this wonderful vintage summer coverlet (no batting inside) that I bought on eBay back in the days when I was unable to resist buying things on eBay (wait, is that over??).
It has that fresh vintage feel of patina plus laundered crispness, and it makes me happy just to look at it.

The cheerful yellow centers of the Dresden Plates are perfect in my Provence cream bedroom, alongside the vintage yellow Martha Washington Star quilt, my very first vintage purchase (in a antiques shop in Sunnyvale).

So why just post a picture when I can spend hours putting the pictures into a scrapbook page? :-)

Summer Quilts Scrapbook Page

The scrapbook template and many of the buttons and borders are by Crystal Wilkerson for Jessica Sprague. The vintage sewing elements are by Kitschy Digitals for Jessica Sprague.
Additional papers and elements are from Design House Digital and Songbird Avenue.
The sewing font is from Summers Sewing. The pretty lace on the side is from Cajoline-Scrap and Cool Scraps Digital.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #19 Wildflowers

Remember I said I would scrap these wildflower photos...well, here it is!

Wildflowers Scrapbook Page

I used the photos of wildflowers taken at Caples Crest (from our trip to Kirkwood last weekend) in my Photoshop Friday class (episode #9 from Jessica Sprague).
This lesson was about using brushes to add what looks like stitches. As a sewer, this is a very cool technique to learn!
I also used some additional floral brushes from Laurie Ann of Songbird Avenue.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #18 Carson River

We took about 30 pictures of the river...the West Fork of the Carson River. It was so hard to capture the beautiful light, the way it lit up the clouds with pinks and yellows.

This one was my favorite because the strand of dry grass lit up in the foreground.
I knew this was the one I would put onto a scrapbook page, as promised.

Carson River Scrapbook Page

A Quick Page by Chrissy Guido for Jessica Sprague is the basis, to which I added multiple embellishments from the totally appropriate "happy camper" collection from Sara Shmutz for Design House Digital.
The perfect ribbon is from Songbird Avenue.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #17 Bastille Day

I have yet to experience Bastille Day in Paris, but I've experienced many other wonderful moments...

Paris Scrapbook Page

I started this page from a Crystal Wilkerson template with room for 3 photos.

My favorite Paris photos of all time - 1) Megan and I in front of Sacre Coeur, 2) that time we were coming back from the American Library and I ran to grab a photo of La Tour avec les fleurs - the cherry blossoms had burst in just the short time I was there, 3) and then the night we went out in the cold and rain for one last glimpse of the iron lady all lit up, fighting to keep the umbrella from flipping inside out, hoods up and plastered to us by the rain...I love that moment!

The center of the page looked a little blank, so I added another photo of the Eiffel Tower, from that same time, March 2009.

Lots of papers, frames and elements embellish the page, most from Cool Scraps Digital.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #16 Emigrant Lake Wildflowers

I feel like I could work with this photo over and over and never get tired of finding ways to express the beauty, the tranquility, the wonder that is Emigrant Lake in the summertime, with its plethora of wildflowers.

Emigrant Lake Scrapbook Page

This page is built on a template from Jen Caputo. Additional elements from Songbird Avenue and Design House Digital.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Block Party

I did it...I finished my spool blocks!
Now to piece the rows and finish the top.

Some of these were hand sewn over the weekend at Kirkwood, and the rest were finished up last night.
Then I laid them out on the entry way floor and rearranged them every time I passed by, which was about a hundred times today.

But now I am sewing, so there is no turning back!
Spools Blocks

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To Be Scrapped...Wildflowers

The wildflowers were certainly plentiful on our hike yesterday to Emigrant Lake, and so today's hike was purposefully to see how the flowers were coming along on the hill up to Caples Crest.

We were not disappointed!

Although the flowers were of the earlier variety, and there are plenty more to come in the coming weeks, we were rewarded with hillsides full of the lovely yellow daisy-like flowers of the arrowroot.

Wildflowers at Kirkwood

Indian paintbrush was also getting going on the hill:

Wildflowers at Caples Crest, Kirkwood

I am already looking forward to a return in a few weeks to check on the lupines!

To Be Scrapped...Emigrant Lake

We'd been here before, on a tough hike out from the Kirkwood Valley, over the hill, bushwhacking, with the help of Mr. GPS, until we found the lake. There we found an absolute gem in the mountains, and also found what looked to be a relatively straightforward trail, which we obviously missed.

And so we were determined to return via the trail.

We tried again, I think it was last October, but were turned away by vicious mosquitoes.
Today we successfully returned to Emigrant Lake, starting at the simple trail head at Caples Lake, and unfortunately sans Mr. GPS, and so once again we struggled to find the trail hidden beneath patches of snow. Yes, snow in July, not unusual at 8000 ft elevations after a heavy-snow winter.

The rewards were great:


I am so looking forward to incorporating photos like these into some pages to tell the story of the return hike to Emigrant Lake in early July.


Friday, July 9, 2010

To Be Scrapped...Carson River

There were some unusual clouds to the northeast, and too many bugs out to take a walk, and so we drove up to Hope Valley, along the West Fork of the Carson River (between Kirkwood Valley and the road to Lake Tahoe), for some lovely "sunset on the river, with clouds above" scenes.

Coming soon to a scrapbook page near you!

Kirkwood River Scene

Thursday, July 8, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #15 Gone Fishin' Part 2

Molly is a really photogenic kid, well trained from birth to pose on demand. But sometimes I think she defines her own poses, as in this shot here.

Molly Summer Fishing Scrapbook Page Part 2

This simple layout uses a quick page designed by Erica Coombs for the Jessica Sprague birthday blog hop (one of the 33 pages/kits provided in the hop).
In addition to the main photo, I added another as a transparent layer to add interest at the top of the page, copied a couple of elements, text and labels from yesterday's Gone Fishin' page, then added a me-defined digital fish brush stamp in different sizes along the bottom (learned in Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday episode #6!).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #14 Gone Fishin'

When you are inspired by the perfect photos, photos that tell a story without any words, photos that are wonderful not so much because of the colors, or the scenery, but because the story is there, in expressions, in the postures, in the mood, those are the perfect pics for a scrapbook page.

Photos taken, presumably, by Molly's mom, actually, I have learned that they were taken by Molly's Dad Brian.

Molly, I hope you don't mind me using your great pictures to tell a summer story.

Molly Summer Fishing Scrapbook Page

Basic layout and some papers from Songbird Avenue.
Other papers, elements and labels from designers at Jessica Sprague.
Waves font found via a google search (reference page no longer available)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #13 More of the 4th

4th of July Scrapbook Page

Credits ...
The 'quick page' background is from the Jessica Sprague birthday blog hop, created by 'ec' or Emily Cheney, one of the creative design team at Jessica Sprague.
I added more labels and stars from JS, along with the grungy frame; the 'good times' frame is from LivEdesigns. The polka dotted alphabet is from Amy Wolff of Songbird Avenue.
The font used for the label journaling is called Fairydust...can't seem to find the TOU for this.
Several borders and elements are from 'Kitschy Digitals'.
(I still have not learned to keep track of things while I am using them :-().

Monday, July 5, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #12 Backyard Bunny

Rabbits, like squirrels, are a nuisance, but they are hard to hate, because they are cute.

Here is a little homage to the cute bunny critters that eat my rose petals.

Bunny Scrapbook Page

The awesome template is from Jen Caputo. The digital papers are from Songbird Avenue.
The awesome font is from Fantasy

The picture was taken by me in my backyard, through the window, so as not to disturb the fantasy in progress.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spools Quilt - The Beginning

When my friend Pat from Come Quilt With Me asked if I would make a quilt for her 4th book, the answer was an immediate "yes".

I didn't know which set of 2-patch templates she would send, but no matter, I like a challenge. I was excited to receive a set of templates for a "Spinning Spools" design.

By far the most challenging part of making a quilt is the fabric selection. In order to define the spools, the spool fabric and the background fabric need to be uniform in color and value. Yet the overall desire is for a scrappy quilt.

Additional considerations are for strong colors for the best photographic results, avoiding whites and pale yellows.

So here is the fabric I've gathered, returning once again to Lakehouse brights as the most reliable to produce a beautiful scrappy quilt.

Fabric for Spools Quilt

With Megan's help I even have a successful rendering.

Spools Quilt Rendering

The next biggest challenge was finding my Brooklyn Revolver to help with the accurate cutting around the templates.
Two hours, every box removed from the garage and examined, a small pile of stuff into the recycle and charity piles, another search through the house, and the revolver finally located in my studio desk drawer.

Now I can begin!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #11 4th of July

Our first summer in Silver Creek, our first opportunity to experience their Star Spangled Night, sponsored by the country club and the homeowner's association.
There was bad music, bad, but cheap, food, great company, and great fireworks.

4th of July Scrapbook Page

This page is built upon a quick page from Brenda Neuberger, provided as part of the Jessica Sprague birthday blog hop.
I added pictures, cut out so as to remove the strangers from the background, and filled in with one of the fireworks photos from the fantastic finale, the tag, journaling, and the additional red elements - the star and buttons.

Friday, July 2, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #10 Petunias

I've always loved petunias. Back when I lived in Maryland, I would grow large batches of them from seed, to fill the beds around my house with summer color. They were one of few flowers capable of withstanding the heat and humidity of Maryland summers.

But I've never had any luck with them in California. Some worm-like bug finds them and decimates them.

But this summer I am surrounded by pretty petunias in the common spaces of Silver Creek. I especially love these red and white striped ones.

And so I searched through my scrapbook files for a page to feature a single photo.

Petunias Scrapbook Page

This quick page is from elseepe, courtesy of the Jessica Sprague blog hop, and part of my commitment to create 33 pages based on the layouts from the 33 blog hop participants.

I've added several new skills from Jessica's Photoshop Friday series...use of a cool new font, brush coloring of a font, application of a gradient to highlight journaling text.

In addition to placing the photo behind the quick page layout, I also like to layer on top of these quick pages. I added semi-transparent views of the flower bed from which I grabbed the close-up of the petunia, the tag, lettering and journaling.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"V" is for "Vole"

Previously known to me only as a decent word game is really a word? Indeed it is, and a good use of a "v".

But yes, there is such a thing as a vole, a rodent somewhere between a mouse and a rat, and they are among the thousands of critters here in Silver Creek vying for a position in the food chain.

Also prevalent on this hill is the wind.

So was it the wind that ripped apart the plants in my kitchen, near the back door which was open?

No, it was my little friend rollie the vollie, who at 5:30 this morning was discovered in my large potted plant, eating breakfast.


Upon hearing me he jumped down and disappeared in the wall, only to return a few more times to continue to make a mess of my kitchen.

The potted plants are now relegated to the outdoors, the hole in the wall is being guarded by fox urine until such time that it can be boarded up, and I'm afraid I had to buy a few mousetraps.

That's quite enough adventure, if you please.