Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surprise Tree

We almost didn't buy this house that I love, because I hated the yard. I considered it a deal-breaker. It was all cement, too small, and had this ridiculous pool and spa, aka holes in the ground into which we would have to pour money.

There was hardly anything growing worth looking at...some palms (yuk), some anemic-looking hedges, and the occasional weed that managed to break through the rock-hard ground.

But perhaps, like most everything else in this house, it was just suffering from the lack of TLC. Before ripping it out and starting over, I am determined to try to learn to love this little patch of land.

Does it sense me, I wonder?

Take for example this tree. A pile of sticks in an awkward spot, mentally marked for removal, mostly because it looked dead. Granted, it was winter, but when I scraped the bark, I did not see green. But as the season progressed, I noticed some buds on some branches, and so pruned out the dead growth and pruned it back so it would not drop too many leaves in the ridiculous pool.

Yard in Feb

Come spring and leaves actually started sprouting. More pruning to keep the leaves out of the pool.

And now it is June, and what do you know? It is a flowering tree! From my desk I spied not one but two flowers, grabbed my camera and ran out to find they were indeed attached to the tree.

Tree Flower

Initial queries and internet research is telling me this is a Rose of Sharon tree. I only hope that, as between Rick and Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Tree Flower

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