Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

You will never see me wearing a T shirt or toting a bag or dangling a key chain stating “I heart New York”. It is just not my kind of town. While I revel in the bustle of Paris and marvel at the crowds in the Piazza San Marco, I normally prefer the quiet and manicured bubble of my country club home.

But I will admit that there are gems to be discovered in the megatropolis that is New York. Like in any big city, there are neighborhoods where the buildings are not quite so tall, where a few trees shade the sidewalks, where trendy boutiques and restaurants tempt the young and young at heart, where you might even know your neighbors.
Soho Sign

And then there are the big green spaces, with the sparkling fountains, even though there is a homeless person wading through the fountain picking up the change.

After a hot and steamy walk through midtown, upon coming up on Bryant Park…what is that? Oh, it’s oxygen!

Bryant ParkBryant Park
Bryant ParkBryant Park

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