Monday, June 21, 2010

33 Scrapbook Pages - #3 Cousins

Continuing to use my new digital scrapbooking goodies...

Unlike the previous pages, where I started with a template, this page started with a photo, of Megan, Crissy and Natalie, sitting on a bench in front of a beautiful flower shop on Church Street in Montclair, NJ.

The photo was too beautiful to scale down to something like 4x6, so I left it as large as possible, and searched for a background page which would compliment the colors (loved the green) and the shapes (circles like the hanging baskets).
Since I cut the photo in with a lasso, it needed different borders...something straight and fixed on the bottom (striped canopy with zigzag stitch), but grungy on the other three sides.
Adding some stitches makes the circles look like "X O X O"s.

A couple more elements - very light flowers and a 'today & always' stamp, plus a journaling tag, complete the layout.

Since I can't remember all the specific designers whose elements are used, I will reference Jessica Sprague, as everything (but the photo) came from her shop or website.

PS...the lovely green circle background paper is from Crystal Wilkerson.

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