Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Purple Fleur

While on a walk to visit the goats last week, I walked past a flowering bush with lovely purple flowers right at my eye level. How pretty, I thought, as I walked past.

"Come back", said the purple flower, "I am worth a closer look!".

"Indeed you are, purple flower."

As I had my camera right in my hands, I needed no more coercion to snap a few pictures of these delicate beauties.
Purple Flowering Bush Purple Flowering Bush

Then there was a nice surprise this week as I heard from my blogging friend Carla, who was the first to teach me, via her online lessons, how to layer digital collages. While I don't yet have her expertise, I am happy with this result of one of her lovely background "colour" palettes, representative of the Chelsea flower show, my flower pictures, and text and floral images via The Graphics Fairy.

I especially love the effect of the text showing through the delicate petals of the flower.

Purple Fleur

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