Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Quilt is Hung

Too many choices paralyze me.

Sometimes that is a good thing, as in when there are so many choices of wonderful things to buy, I can't make up my mind, and so I buy nothing. This saves me money on many an occasion.

Part of the dilemma is feeling the need to make the perfect choice. Not just any choice, not just a good choice, but the perfect choice.

And so I am hamstrung in my decorating with quilts, because I cannot decide just which quilts should grace the walls of our bedroom, painted beautiful Provence Cream.

The Provence Cream is part of the issue. If the walls were still boring white, it would be easier to patch a mistake. But the Provence Cream walls require the extra step of finding the can of Provence Cream paint and blending the paint seamlessly into the rest of the wall. Not something to be undertaken lightly!

But finally, I found a home for one of my favorite quilts, "A Boat in the Yard".

Boat in the Yard Quilt

Destined for over the fireplace, but somehow it looked all wrong to me there, it now site on a wall that would probably otherwise not have been used for anything, besides all the light switches, since it is in the main path to the closets and bathroom, and a too-tight turn would result in injury if anything jutted too far out from the wall.

This quilt is special to me for many reasons. First, it is an image of a place that is probably the source of my happiest childhood memories, the house at Ortley Beach.

Boat in the Yard Quilt

Next, it is special because I painted the center, and I love to paint. And I am pretty happy with the painting, even though it is a bit primitive.

Boat in the Yard Quilt

Boat in the Yard Quilt

And finally, I am happy with the design of the quilt, and the way the free-motion machine quilting added dimension and texture.

Boat in the Yard Quilt

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