Friday, February 5, 2010

Step 4 - Plumbing

Never have I encountered so many leaky faucets and stuck plumbing parts. Of course, I don't give plumbing a whole lot of thought on any given day, despite the constant use...if something is leaking, you call the plumber, you write the check.

It's funny how the common denominator among so many of the contractors and workers is the 'shaking head', as in "I can't believe how neglected/dirty/stained/rotten/did I mention dirty this house is".

But, as the contractor says in The Money Pit..."if the foundation is good..."

And so we continue, replacing most of the plumbing in the master bath. I love these old fashioned, curvy, heavy brass teapot fixtures. They remind me of Aladdin's lamp. But alas, they are history :-(

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