Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Considering that we had an estimated 18,000 lbs of stuff moved, and that does not include our cars, I guess I should be glad at the small number of casualties.

1. Minnie Mouse's nose from the cute picture frame that Mom found for me at a flea market (nothing that a little gorilla glue can't cure)

2. the 3rd of 4 champagne glasses...we have one of these left (lost the trash)

3. this technically doesn't count as being a casualty of the move, but if we hadn't placed things temporarily where they were in the yard, the burst of wind might not have thrown the wooden painting forward...

smashing the mirror ball to the ground.

Adieu, dear mirror ball, I loved you quite a lot, and was going to cover you with mosaics to hide your pitted state. You will be missed!

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