Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Significance of Insignificants

This is probably the most uninteresting photo I will ever post, but it is so full of significance for us, that I had to snap it, with my cell phone camera, through the window of the car, on a misty evening...how's that for photographic challenges??

For this represents the first time driving through the gate as owners at Silver Creek Country Club! No longer do we have to stop at the gate and beg for admittance.
I was sure the guards were starting to recognized us, as week after week we trudged down to open houses, drove the streets, longed for the time when we could call this beautiful community our home.

How many houses did we look at?? And more than one offer was made! But finally, we are owners, we are in, we have the magic code that opens the owners' gate!

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