Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packing up the Studio

Packing up the studio has been the hardest thing for me, not wanting to let go of the fabric, the scissors, the sewing machines, the paper, glue, glitter, ephemera and other essentials.
My worst nightmare is not being able to find and identify the boxes containing these my most treasured possessions. After all, there are now about 200 boxes in the garage.

I'm resolved to maintain for myself a pleasant little corner to work, albeit a little bare.

Once I completely cleared off the studio table , I needed a solution to cover the chips and scratches on the veneer surface.
Table runner to the rescue!

I could tell long stories about me and table runners. Suffice it to say that I once considered table runners in the same realm as rubber stamps...silly crafty things with no real place in the "Quilt Art" world. And suffice it to say I have had an attitude adjustment about both table runners and stamps :-)

This runner, which I just love, is my Starry Starry Days design, in warm provencal/tuscan colors, featuring the sunflowers that made Van Gogh famous.


  1. Such a lovely runner!!!And try not to will find all boxes when you start unpacking!!hugs-Cat

  2. That IS a pleasant little corner to work in! I won't show you what my space looks like currently. I am moving my studio to a rec room the kids have always used, and aren't quite ready to be kicked out of. I like your blog background! It's the same one I'm using!