Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Venice

In all our travels, I am not quite sure any place has made quite the impression of Venice.
When I think of Venice, I think of water, uniqueness, special people.

Until today, I had not given much thought to the Venice of the US, the very-unique, on-the-water, full-of-"special"-people, Venice Beach, California.

You can walk for miles along a wide white sandy beach, from Venice all the way to Santa Monica, along paved walking and biking paths, with unique and quaint beach houses on one side, the beach and the Pacific on the other.
Supposedly there are also canals in Venice CA, but I've yet to see them, so must put that on my to-do list!

And you can also come across a little artistic watery gem like this, a beautiful copper fountain, motion activated like some wonderful Rube Goldberg creation. On top of the fountain was a tiny patch of astroturf, and a sign saying "World's Smallest Back Yard".
Now that's making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

I quite enjoyed our long walk along the Venice waterfront, storing up inspiration for the day I get to return to my artwork!

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