Sunday, December 27, 2009


And in between the packing, cleaning, reading, watching and listening, I have managed to do my last bit of quilting for the year. I am in the final stages of a Circles quilt, which needs a better name...hmmm. Flight of the Cranes just jumped into my head...
All I have left to do is complete the hand-sewing of the hanging sleeves, press, apply a label, and deliver it to its buyer.

And hopefully get a much better picture once it is hanging in its intended spot, in a beautiful staircase of a beautiful home, where it will be appreciated every day.

The accomplishment of the weekend was finding this perfect binding fabric at The Granary, a batik with a mix of green and purples, with brownish circles that blends perfectly with the border fabric, providing a slight contrast which should sit nicely against the dark cream wall.

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